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Effective Google Ads Campaigns

We Increase Sales and Provide the Best Results at a Super Price

Google Ads for websites

Google Ads campaigns with Google Premium Partner.
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Increase sales with effective Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns.

We implement effective Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns. With us, you will not only increase your reach but most importantly, acquire customers and increase conversions.

We are an experienced team of Google Ads experts, serving all businesses from local to online stores. We run all types of Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns and ads to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment and reach a precisely targeted audience. With us, you will grow your business and build sales. Find out why you should choose Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns and implement them with our experts.

The campaign ran on your account
You get the support of a dedicated Google Ads specialist
We are an official Google Partner
We don't charge an entry fee
You have only 1 month's notice
Our contract is simple and transparent
We have Google Premier Partner status

Choose one of the top 3% of agencies in Poland

We are happy that we have developed an effective strategy to execute campaigns for our clients. With us, you have a number of benefits and the certainty that you work with experts.

Google Premier Partner status is a confirmation that:

  • we run our clients' Google Ads campaigns with the highest efficiency and achieve their business goals
  • we use the latest expert knowledge and data straight from Google
  • we train at exclusive industry events for Premier Partners
  • we have up-to-date Google certifications that prove advanced knowledge in campaign execution and optimization, as well as web analytics

Submit an inquiry and launch an effective Google Ads campaign with the leading PPC experts in Poland.


Googlr Ads process

Grow your business with comprehensive Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns

We have divided the process of implementing Google Ads campaigns into three stages, which are carried out by specialists at our SEM agency.

The first involves all the activities that help us prepare for the activities.

The second is the creation of the campaign and the daily work on its effectiveness.

Finally, the third step is regular analytics and optimization of Google Ads (Adwords) and the entire paid campaign on Google.


See what we will do for you as part of our Google Ads campaign support

I. Strategy

The scope

The first step before implementing Google Ads paid campaigns is to learn more about your business, but also your customers, competitors, and the whole industry.

  • Competitor and industry analysis
  • Analysis of your company's needs and goals
  • Keyword research
  • Analysis and optimization of the landing page
  • Development of Google Ads strategy
  • Identification of campaign objectives

II. Campaign implementation

Course of action

After solid preparation, we proceed to create a Google campaign. Its success is determined even by such details as the structure of professional Google Ads campaigns and good thematic grouping of keywords.

  • Development of effective ads,
  • Execution of campaigns in accordance to Google Ads (Adwords) guidelines,
  • Manual configuration and optimization of ads,
  • Daily care of the campaign,
  • Consultation on current needs.

III. Testing and optimization


Analysis and testing activities are mandatory parts of running Google Ads campaigns. Only with advanced analytics can you make sure that Google Ads is a profitable investment for your business.

  • Testing the effectiveness of ads
  • Optimization of ads and rates
  • Analysis of conversions and ad profits
  • Regular reporting of activities
  • Cyclical improvement of campaigns and search for new opportunities

Google Ads campaign pricing

Minimum budget for campaigns
Cost of service
Google Ads budget
1100 PLN
3000 PLN

Send an inquiry to get a customized quote.

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We run all types of Google Ads campaigns

Let's choose together actions tailored to your business

We run all types of Google Ads campaigns. Which one to choose? After analyzing your goals, your company, and your industry, and based on the available budget, we will propose an optimal selection of campaign types. Each allows you to achieve different goals, reach a slightly different target group, and present your offer in a different, attractive way.

Don't know which one to choose? Our specialists will give you full support in choosing and planning Google Ads campaigns, get in touch with us!

Google Search Ads
Google Search Ads

Instantaneous visibility in Google search results

Display Ad campaigns
Display Ad campaigns

Ads on sites in Google's partner network

Google Ads Remarketing
Google Ads Remarketing

The best way to encourage customers to return

Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Attractive product presentation directly in the search engine

Google Ads Video campaigns
Google Ads Video campaigns

Effective video advertising on YouTube

Google Performance Max campaigns
Google Performance Max campaigns

Effective campaigns that increase conversions


Which Google Ads campaign to choose?

We run all types of campaigns available on Google Ads. Not sure which campaign to opt for? The most popular campaigns are Remarketing and Google Search Ads. They work well for most clients. See how the different types of Google campaigns differ and choose the most effective one for your business:

Google Search campaign Display Ad campaign Remarketing campaign Product listing campaign Video campaign

With Google Search campaigns, you can reach thousands of Google and partner search engine users. Ads are displayed above and below the search results as text ads. The ads can be displayed in different ways, depending on whether the campaign creator has used extensions, such as links to subpages or locations.

Whether a user sees an ad depends on the campaign's configuration: keyword selection, ad location, set rates, and campaign quality. As you can see, a lot of factors affect the visibility and reach of your ads, which is why regular optimization is so important. It's not an art to start a campaign; the art is to prepare it in such a way as to reach as many potential customers as possible at the lowest possible cost.

Do you want to promote yourself on the largest portals? With an ad network campaign you reach the audiences of the largest websites, running the campaign in one place, with one budget. In the ad network, we do not choose keywords.

We can build reach based on landing pages (exclude them, select them), capping, i.e. the frequency of ads per user, and finally - rates. In the ad network, you can promote with text ads, graphic ads, animated ads, as well as flexible ads, which combine text and graphic fields, adapting to the requirements of a particular portal.

This is a special form of ad network or search network campaign. Ads are displayed only to users who have already visited your site. You can segment specific audiences among them, e.g., based on their behavior on the site, whether they are new or returning viewers, etc.

This campaign's power is to reach people who already know your brand. So, there's a better chance of conversion than when ads are displayed to a completely new audience. This is an effective and cost-effective form of Google Ads and is usually slightly cheaper than classic search network advertising.

This campaign can only be chosen by online stores. Selected products are displayed at the top of search results in the form of an image with basic product information, such as price, name, and store brand. This campaign also requires creating a Google Merchant Center account, to which a product file must be uploaded. Based on the features, parameters, and information about the product completed in the file, the system will decide whether to display it in the ad.

Here, too, we do not choose keywords. The advantage of this campaign is that it shortens the customer's path from the search engine to the product. Since the products are displayed in Google with the price, the field with Google Shopping ads acts as a price comparison engine. This greatly influences the acquisition of a large number of interested users.

You can display these ads on YouTube and Google's Display Network, among others. You can choose from various formats that differ, for example, in how costs are charged: skippable In-Stream ads, non-skippable In-Stream ads, Discovery video ads, Out-Stream ads, and ad bumpers.


How long does a Google Ads campaign last?

We have analyzed dozens of campaigns in terms of the time it takes to get the first results from Google Ads. Find out what the waiting time depends on and what results you can expect after the first month and in the following months of cooperation.


Why should you let us take care of your Google Ads campaigns?

We have over 20 years of experience in online marketing!

We have run Google Ads campaigns, or as they were called back then - Google Adwords campaigns, right when they entered Poland. A lot has changed since then, but we have developed effective methods of running Google Ads that still work today.

Learn all the benefits of Google Ads (Adwords)!

A team of Google-certified experts

Your campaigns are carried out by specialists who have obtained all Google certifications, confirming comprehensive knowledge of Google Ads. They regularly attend training courses and expand their knowledge to provide you with the most effective ads.

Efficient and friendly communication

Our flexibility in accommodating customer needs distinguishes us from the competition. If you want to talk about your campaign and get advice on Ads (Adwords), our specialists are always available. You won't wait hours for a call or speak to a random person from the call center. Instead, you will be connected directly to a specialist who knows your ads and is executing your Google Ads (Adwords) campaign.

We give more than you expect

We run effective Google ad campaigns, but that's not all. We are committed to making sure you understand Google Ads strategy and invest consciously in your campaign. We provide regular training sessions at our headquarters, which are included in the price of selected Google Ads (Adwords) packages. We share our knowledge and experience - it gives our cooperation a completely different dimension. We’ll ensure that Google Ads (Adwords) no longer remain a mystery to you :)

The effectiveness of our Google Ads campaigns among our clients

An increase in the number of transactions in the wall slat store

Our clients with Google Ads campaigns see a steady increase in revenue and number of transactions. Above, you can see an example of the increase in the number of transactions in the Paid Search channel at our client lamele3d.co.uk - a wall slat online store.

An increase in the number of visits to a children's clothing store

Above, you can find an increase in the number of users by more than 12 thousand in 7 months at our client Bajkowa Moda.

Achieve high ROAS and ROI with our Google Ads


We view Google Ads campaigns as a tool to generate sales - from lead acquisition to transactions. We use our experience, knowledge, and strategic thinking skills to create campaigns that generate high ROAS for you.

ROAS (return on ad spend) is the ratio of revenue to cost for a single ad or an entire ad campaign. Depending on the industry, acceptable ROAS is determined differently, and the higher the ROAS, the more revenue the campaign generates. This indicator is crucial to the further development of the campaign. It allows a more accurate evaluation of advertising than measuring the number or even cost of conversions.

ROI (return on investment) is an even more accurate indicator. It considers all costs associated with the advertising campaign and customer acquisition (e.g., the cost of handling a lead) and compares them with the profit generated. ROI allows you to measure the real impact of your campaigns on the development of your business.

What does the Google Ads campaign process look like?

When you decide to work with us, our help with Google Ads won’t be limited to the setup of the campaign. To make your campaign and ads work, you not only need in-depth work beforehand but also constant optimization and analytics. So, what does the Widoczni agency actually do for you in terms of Google Ads?


  1. Conducts in-depth research before setting up your Google Ads campaign
  2. Develops a comprehensive Google Ads campaign strategy
  3. Sets up a successful Google Ads campaign and associated ads
  4. Tracks and collects performance results
  5. Tests innovative solutions
  6. Reports on data collected from the PPC campaigns
  7. Optimizes Google Ads and conducts thorough analytics
  8. Provides expert consultation for Google Ads clients.

Are Google Ads campaigns the right choice for me?

Every day, thousands of companies worldwide reach their customers through Google Ads. It is one of the most comprehensive and affordable advertising systems. What are the reasons our specialists and, most importantly, our customers liked Google Ads?

Building online brand recognition

You reach Google, portals, blogs, YouTube, apps, and Gmail users. You are everywhere :)

Generating sales

Need more than a great brand image? That’s what we think as well - that's why we use Google Ads to reach your potential customers. We select adequate ad formats and content to increase your chances of getting sales. It really works!

Online store development

It doesn't matter if you have 20 or 20 thousand products. Thanks to its rich offer for stores, Google Ads will allow you to show your products to people that are looking for them on Google. And your customers won't forget about them thanks to remarketing.

Effective target group research

With Google Ads, we can create a targeted campaign for a specific audience. We don't allocate budget to random visitors; instead, our campaigns generate juicy leads that you can convert into sales.

Support for other online channels

Every online marketing activity has its own rules - you reach different audiences at different stages of the sales funnel and at different times. Running Google Ads campaigns does not exclude other activities; on the contrary - it increases your chances of gaining conversions. And did we mention how great SEO and Google Ads campaigns work together? Ask us for an action plan for your company!

Why are Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns profitable?

Do you doubt whether Google Ads is the right solution for you? We've put together the top 4 arguments that will convince you that it's worth investing in Google Ads (Google Adwords) online advertising and sponsored links:


You can accurately analyze your activities

Thanks to Google Analytics, as well as the extensive Google Ads campaign panel, you can access and analyze tons of data. We examine the effectiveness of each step from keyword to landing page. Conclusions from Google paid campaigns can also be used in other areas, such as consumer research or positioning in organic search results.


You reach your search engine audience and Google Display Network immediately

With professional Google Ads campaigns, your Google Ads can reach users on the very day you launch! Once you set up your Google Ads campaign and transfer the funds, your ads can immediately work on your company's popularity, gaining the interest of potential customers.


You reach a targeted audience

We will use our experts' extensive knowledge of Google users. Based on the location, behavior and interests of users, we will build a Google Ads (sponsored links) campaign that reaches a specific audience. Thus, we will ensure the relevance of conversion-oriented advertising activities.


You pay only for clicks, conversions, and campaign maintenance

Google Ads motivate users to take actions. They will not only see your ads but also visit your site, learn about your offer, and get in touch with you. If they don't take action, you won't incur additional costs - payment is charged per ad click.


Which Google Ads campaign for your store? We will advise you!

Online store without customers? With us, you don’t have to fear that. We will prepare an online marketing strategy for your store, plan Google Ads activities, and implement them effectively. We will advise you on what types of campaigns will work for your e-commerce business and explain what results you can expect within your budget. What opportunities do you have with Google Ads campaigns at the Widoczni agency?

Google Shopping Ads (PLA) campaign
Down arrow

PLA, or product listing campaigns, are designed exclusively for online stores. The ads are displayed at the top of the search results. They take the form of an image of the product, with a brief description, price, and optional additional information, such as discounts or free delivery.

From such an ad, the customer is taken directly to the store's product card, which significantly shortens the conversion path. At the same time, already at the level of the search ad, the customer can make a purchase decision, and the price information minimizes the number of clicks generated by people who are looking for cheaper products.

Google Ads campaign for stores in Google Search Network
Down arrow

Classic text ads on the Google Search Network are an effective form of advertising for stores. They allow you to expose your store in search results for selected phrases and quickly reach your target audience.

It is very important to choose the right keywords that will increase the chance of gaining conversions, as well as optimize costs. Advertising a store in the Google Ads search network allows you to reach users who are just looking for specific products and thus respond to their current needs.

Google Ads campaign for stores in Google Display Network
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Google Ads advertising of a store in the Google Display Network reaches users of portals, including those focused on news but also on entertainment. This type of campaign allows you to achieve high visibility and reach a new audience.

Advertising can be tailored to the audience or the site's theme. It is particularly important to monitor the effectiveness of Google Ads advertising in the advertising network since a large reach can affect the rapid and ineffective use of the budget. The key here is the work of a specialist who will take care of the profitability of the campaign for the store in the ad network.

Google Ads campaign for stores on YouTube
Down arrow

We implement YouTube ads for online stores. These can be static or video ads. You can advertise your store in such Google Ads formats as:

  • TrueView Ads - video ads that can be skipped, they are displayed before videos
  • Discovery TrueView Ads - ads prominently displayed in YouTube search results and in suggested videos
  • Bumper Ads - 6-second video ads, not skippable
  • YouTube Ads are impossible to skip: last 15-20 seconds, display before other video content
  • Outstream Ads: video ads for mobile devices on affiliate networks
Remarketing for online stores
Down arrow

An effective form of advertising for e-commerce is remarketing, i.e., reaching audiences who have already visited the store or performed certain actions in it. Google Ads allows you to perform remarketing for your store in the ad network or search network. The ad reminds users of the products they viewed and of the store and motivates them to return.

Remarketing is an integral part of the customer path in e-commerce, as most customers need at least several visits to a store before they make a purchase decision. Ads are displayed in text or graphic form.


Put your campaign in the hands of certified visibility experts

Effective Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns will not do themselves :)

An experienced and dynamic team of specialists from the Widoczni agency will come to your aid. We provide a comprehensive service - from audit through campaign configuration and ongoing optimization.

With us, you’ll work with a dedicated campaign manager who knows your company and business goals well. The ongoing contact with you and the creative approach of our Google Ads specialists ensure that your campaigns will always be one step ahead of the competition. We are always looking for new solutions to make your ads even more attractive and motivate your audience to make a purchase.

We take all the necessary steps to optimize conversions for sponsored link campaigns.

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We optimize conversions in Google Ads campaigns

Learn the secret of our effectiveness

Our SEM agency from Poznań focuses on optimizing conversions and successively increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) with effective sponsored links campaigns. Our goal is to generate as many sales as possible within the budget of your Google Ads campaigns.

Our AdWords advertising campaigns are not a uniform operation - everything we do is tailored to your business and your customers. We work differently with an online store, a real estate developer, or an industrial company.

With our expertise and experienced team of SEM experts in conversion rate optimization, we don't just get traffic to your website, but more importantly, we drive it in a way that makes the most effective use of it.

All with one goal - to increase profits for your business.


We build sales effectively. Our campaigns finance themselves

Find out what activities we perform as part of conversion optimization in Google Ads:

  • conversion setup in Google Analytics or Google Ads:
  • measuring the number and rate of conversions
  • measurement of conversion costs
  • measurement of conversion time
  • optimization of campaigns based on converting phrases and ads
  • diagnosis of the landing page in terms of gaining conversions

We use both Google Ads and Analytics dashboard data and our years of experience to do this. We know what is potentially blocking your users from converting, and most importantly, we know how to fix it. We will optimize conversions in Google Ads at the campaign, landing page, and bid levels.