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Successful SEO / ADS agency in 2024

600+ positive reviews, 160+ specialists, 25+ years of experience

Get ready to experience growth - we implement effective SEO measures and PPC campaigns!

Our campaigns finance themselves!

We are one of the largest and highest-rated digital marketing agencies in Poland

Our specialty is website SEO and online store SEI - the most effective digital marketing services. When combined with Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns, this enables us to ensure high rankings on Google and carry out successful Internet campaigns that boost sales!


Our campaigns fund themselves!



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Clutch.co is one of the most reliable opinion platforms in the world!


Over 580 positive reviews on Google and 70 reviews on Clutch.co


We are one of the best and most frequently rated online marketing agencies in Poland on the largest rating platforms: Google and Clutch.co. Check out our ratings and see why it’s worth working with us.




We have Google Premier Partner status

Choose one of the top 3% of agencies in Poland

We are happy that we have developed an effective strategy to execute campaigns for our clients. With us, you have a number of benefits and the certainty that you work with experts.

Google Premier Partner status is a confirmation that:

  • we run our clients' Google Ads campaigns with the highest efficiency and achieve their business goals
  • we use the latest expert knowledge and data straight from Google
  • we train at exclusive industry events for Premier Partners
  • we have up-to-date Google certifications that prove advanced knowledge in campaign execution and optimization, as well as web analytics

Submit an inquiry and launch an effective Google Ads campaign with the leading PPC experts in Poland.



How to boost your website inquiries?

Would you like to finally see results from your website and grow your business? With us, everything is possible.

Start collaborating with some of the best SEO specialists and Google Ads experts in Poland, who prioritize generating actionable results for your company. We will provide website SEO and Google Ads campaigns tailored to your business goals.

Need something extra? Take advantage of our Pro SXO service, which combines the power of SEO, conversion optimization, UX, and advanced analytics!


How to boost your online store's sales?

Are you in search of services that will catapult your store's sales to new heights? We can help you execute effective e-commerce SEO strategies and manage Google Ads campaigns specifically tailored for retailers.

If you're looking for a more holistic solution, we offer Pro SXO - a comprehensive suite of services encompassing SEO, conversion rate optimization, user experience design, and advanced analytics.

Leverage the expertise of our seasoned SEO and PPC specialists to enhance your store's visibility on Google, connect with a wider audience, and significantly amplify your sales!


Are you on the lookout for an exceptional SEO / ADS agency?

We stand as one of the highest-rated and most consistently reviewed online marketing agencies in Poland.



Employ SEO/PPC professionals and propel your business forward!

Effective online marketing is noticeable at first glance. You can measure it with real profits for your business - an increase in customer numbers, inquiries, sales, and revenue. Be it website SEO, e-commerce optimization, Google Ads campaigns, or conversion optimization, you'll soon understand why our campaigns fund themselves!

Boost in Sales

Opt for our e-commerce SEO services or Google Ads campaigns to enhance sales on your online platform. Choose both for maximum benefits.

Surge in Inquiries

Invest in SEO, Google Ads campaigns, and conversion optimization to transform your website into a lucrative hub for inquiries and new customer acquisitions.

Uplift in Conversions

Take advantage of our Pro SXO service to amplify the efficiency of your SEO efforts, Google Ads, Facebook advertising, and other initiatives for your website or e-commerce portal. This is a comprehensive service geared towards ambitious businesses, combining SEO, UX, CRO, and sophisticated analytics.


We've successfully aided countless clients in boosting their online profits.

Our experience spans across hundreds of diverse industries, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients enhance their earnings through online operations.


We created the first Digital Marketing Center in Poland

We pioneered the establishment of Poland's first Digital Marketing Center. This isn't merely a fresh headquarters for our SEO enterprise. It serves as an innovative hub for facilitating workshops and hosting interactive sessions revolving around digital marketing and online business expansion.

Here, we not only implement potent SEO campaigns but also impart knowledge on how to rank websites optimally and efficiently.

Our specialization lies in website SEO, e-commerce site optimization, Adwords campaign management, and effective conversion enhancement. This strategic approach guarantees that our campaigns fund themselves!

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What sets us apart?

Our quality and effectiveness are confirmed by Google and HubSpot certificates. This way, you can be sure that you are collaborating with professionals.

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Clutch most reviewed PPC company
Clutch most reviewed SEM company
Clutch seo company
Clutch digital marketing company
European 2021 search awards finalist
8 widoczni hubspot academy
European 2023 search awards finalist

Complimentary Digital Marketing Training for Our Customers


Opt for an SEO/PPC agency that offers you more

Being knowledgeable about online marketing practices can enhance your collaborative experience and allow you to grasp our strategies better. However, you don't need to sift through endless books or shell out money for pricey courses.

We provide comprehensive online marketing training at no cost. Periodically, we run workshops covering topics like analytics, search engine optimization basics, conversion optimization, Google Ads advertising, and social media engagement strategies.

Choose us and take advantage of learning the essentials of online marketing from seasoned professionals at one of Poland's premier SEO/PPC agencies.

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We educate, inspire, and disseminate knowledge


Widoczni at prestigious industry events

Do you want to boost your digital marketing skillset and always be up-to-date with the latest industry innovations? The Widoczni Academy is for you!

Our seasoned team of trainers and practitioners generously impart their expertise and experience. We conduct open training courses and participate in renowned industry conferences.

With us, you'll master the essentials of search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook advertisements, conversion optimization, data analytics, content marketing, and many other aspects of digital marketing. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming training schedules.

Meanwhile, feel free to explore our blog - a veritable goldmine of marketing wisdom. We look forward to seeing you at our next training session!

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

Our experience spans across hundreds of diverse industries, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients enhance their earnings through online operations.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights?

What you need is effective digital marketing!


Widoczni is, first and foremost, an effective SEM agency. We don't just enhance the visibility of websites - we also utilize the best SEO and SEM strategies to drive your sales.

Our SEM campaigns allow your customers to find you on Google - in both paid and organic search results. We execute digital marketing strategies that trigger conversions and amplify your profits.

As an industry-leading SEO company, we concentrate on creating potent SEO campaigns, along with optimizing online stores using additional digital advertising channels such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Our mission is to boost our clients' profits by harnessing the power of digital marketing. To accomplish this, we employ highly effective strategies executed by top-notch specialists. While our agency operates across various online marketing domains, we majorly specialize in the following services:


We conduct successful SEO campaigns for businesses across all sectors and sizes, yielding top-notch results. With us, you can achieve a tailor-made SEO strategy for your business:

  • Local SEO - We focus on businesses operating in regional markets throughout various Polish cities.

  • E-commerce SEO - We ensure that your online store ranks on Google for all keywords related to the needs of potential customers as part of our e-commerce SEO strategy.

  • Long-Tail SEO - We help you reach potential customers without limitations, maintaining high precision in generating website traffic. Your business will rank on Google for hundreds of keywords that are thematically related to your services or products.

We also offer robust advertising solutions for both websites and online stores through Google Ads and Facebook:

  • Google Ads in the search network
  • Google Ads in the ad network
  • Remarketing campaigns via Google Ads and Facebook
  • Video campaigns
  • Google Shopping (PLA) campaigns
  • YouTube advertisements

Whether we're optimizing your site for search engines or managing a Google Ads campaign, our primary goal isn't simply to improve keyword rankings but rather to enhance the overall popularity of your entire website.

This approach ensures that an even larger number of your site's subpages appear in search results, linked to a broad range of phrases that are thematically relevant to your offerings.

Our clients choose to work with us because they recognize the effectiveness of our SEO, PPC, and SEM campaigns. We don't believe in binding them with lengthy contracts to our agency. Instead, we let the tangible results of our SEO efforts and Google Ads campaigns speak for themselves.


Our clients choose to partner with us out of preference, not out of obligation.


FAQ for SEO / ADS Agencies


What should you consider when choosing the right agency?

The majority of our new clients have prior experience with other SEO and SEM agencies. Regardless of these distinct experiences, they often share common questions and concerns before initiating collaboration.

We have compiled the most commonly asked questions regarding engagement with an SEM agency, website, and e-commerce site optimization, Google Ads campaigns, conversion enhancement, and other functions performed by a digital marketing agency.

Which type of SEO would be the best fit for you?
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Our portfolio of SEO services caters to a wide range of client needs – from local businesses and corporations to online stores. So, which category do you fall into?

Local Business – Primarily serves a local clientele in a physical location. Typical examples include service-oriented or trade-service companies such as medical clinics, beauty salons, craftsmen, and specialized brick-and-mortar stores. Their focus is on attracting local customers and competing primarily with other local businesses.

Recommended Service: Local SEO

Nationwide Company – Aims to reach a broad user base across the country without restrictions and targeting a wide array of keywords. They face competition throughout the country and aim to attract customers for both in-person and online sales. In addition to sales, they wish to build a strong online brand presence and enhance their brand recognition.

Recommended Service: Long-Tail SEO

Online Store – Seeks to attract customers across the country with the goal of increasing online sales. Their aim is for all products to rank within the top 10 search results, regardless of the competition from similar online stores or large retail chains.

Recommended Service: E-commerce SEO

Why choose Widoczni Agency for your website SEO needs?
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Established in 1999, we have consistently delivered successful SEO solutions. Our effectiveness is underscored by our enduring relationships with a significant number of clients - many have been with us for over two decades! Moreover, these long-lasting partnerships are solely based on the tangible results we deliver. We don't tie anyone down with lengthy contracts.

Clients who entrust us with their website and online store SEO needs highly value our efficiency and the quality of our services.

We offer a complete suite of digital marketing services. Whether it's SEO, Google Ads campaigns, managing social media profiles, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, or other services, you can find all the tools for your website's success in one place.

Our priority lies not just in boosting your Google ranking but in driving profitable actions for your business. When working on SEO for websites and online stores, our focus is on generating conversions.

We identify potential opportunities, select the best strategies, implement them, evaluate their effectiveness, and fine-tune for superior results. The success stories of our clients, for whom we've built sales from the ground up and fostered business growth, speak volumes about our effective strategy.

How long does it take to see the results of website and e-commerce site SEO?
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The outcomes of SEO are not instantaneous; they are progressively and consistently achieved. Numerous factors influence when they will materialize, such as the historical background of the domain, the technical setup of the website, the profile of inbound links, the scale of the company's operations, the number of keywords used, and many more.

We typically notice initial improvements soon after implementing our optimization strategies - this is reflected in an elevated Google ranking.

Optimal results are ordinarily accomplished within a span of 4 to 6 months. With continuous optimization efforts, the efficacy of SEO efforts grows with every month.

What is the cost of a Google Ads campaign?
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The pricing for each campaign is tailored to individual needs and is influenced by several factors, including but not limited to:

  • The nature of your website
  • Your specific business goals
  • The level of competition within your industry
  • The extent of activities involved
  • The popularity of your brand
  • Anticipated costs linked to your industry

In our agency, the total cost for a Google Ads campaign includes both the budget allocated for clicks and the charge for managing the campaign. To provide a detailed estimate, we offer a complimentary audit of your Google Ads account.

What does Google business SEO entail at the Widoczni Agency?
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We are a digital marketing agency based in Poland, but our expertise allows us to work effectively no matter where you are located.

Our dedicated customer service team ensures constant communication and exceptional service. As SEO specialists, we successfully elevate the online presence of businesses across Poland, and we take pride in doing it well!

Our core competencies lie in digital marketing, particularly:

  • Website SEO - Customized to suit your business needs and scope, including local strategies targeting your native market,
  • E-commerce SEO - With our assistance, you can dominate not only your country but also the entire global market,
  • AdWords and Facebook Ads Campaigns - We run profitable and effective advertising campaigns for your business,
  • Content Marketing - We generate valuable content that enhances both your search engine rankings and your sales,
  • Conversion Rate Optimization - We consistently boost the number of conversions while keeping conversion costs at a minimum.

SEO Pricing

The cost of an SEO campaign relies heavily on the extent of work necessary to enhance a website's ranking. Following an audit, the agency evaluates the website's current standing and sets out the breadth of services required.

Consequently, the fees associated with effective SEO can differ based on the chosen strategy. The most sought-after types of SEO services provided by agencies encompass:

  • Local SEO - ideal for businesses aiming to promote their services within a specific locale.
  • Broad-Tail SEO - dedicated to bolstering the website's standing through the utilization of a plethora of relevant phrases connected to the offered services or products.
  • Mobile SEO - concentrating on enhancing the website's visibility in mobile search outcomes.
  • E-commerce SEO - a service aimed at optimizing websites packed with numerous subpages.

SEO Agency Widoczni - Transform Web Traffic into Profit!

Widoczni SEO Agency is an expert firm that specializes in optimizing websites and online stores. Our mission encompasses delivering comprehensive services, managing every aspect of positioning, including providing essential content for the site and performing detailed analytics.

The primary goal of an SEO agency like ours is to improve the visibility of your website or online store using specific keywords, consequently increasing relevant web traffic and boosting your sales.

So, what should you anticipate from a proficient SEO agency throughout your collaboration, and how do you select one?


Why opt for Widoczni SEO Agency? Advantages of Partnering With Us

We prioritize our client's interests - we strive to ensure your website optimization efforts deliver a substantial return on investment. Our slogan, "Our campaigns fund themselves", isn't just catchy; it embodies the tangible benefits derived from our SEO activities.

Find out for yourself why choosing the Widoczni team for your e-commerce positioning is a truly rewarding decision.

SEO Agency Widoczni offers transparent partnership terms

When working with the SEO Agency Widoczni, you will not encounter hidden contract clauses or tricky legal pitfalls. We operate transparently, focusing on long-lasting business relationships. We also offer a monthly notice period because we are keen on partnering with companies that want to invest in SEO with us, not those forced into it. Clear terms and transparent cooperation - that's what sets us apart.

SEO Agency Widoczni boasts hundreds of satisfied clients

Want to achieve success in digital marketing like hundreds of our clients? Benefit from their experiences and check out their feedback on our services. You can find them on our Google My Business page, our website, and Facebook, as well as Clutch, where reviews undergo independent verification by the platform.

SEO Agency Widoczni educates for free

Besides dedicated SEO services, we also offer readily available knowledge about digital marketing. By partnering with us, you will learn the secrets of SEO and Google advertising. You will also have the opportunity to participate in image building and online promotion training completely free. For our clients, we organize workshops and training sessions either on-site (at our headquarters in Poznań) or online. We also educate SEO specialists and students in higher education institutions and during industry events such as the Golden Marketing Conference or semKRK. We continually update our knowledge base to provide the best services to our clients.

Dedicated project team

A team of specialists works to maximize your SEO success. Each member is responsible for a specific element of the SEO strategy and is an expert in their field.

Let’s see who accompanies you on the path to SEO success.

  • Customer Success Specialist, who acts as your mentor in SEO intricacies - they will answer your questions, clarify doubts, and provide a report on the effects and discuss it,
  • SEO Specialist, who plans, creates, and implements the SEO strategy, then oversees its effectiveness and implements any necessary changes,
  • Content Marketing Specialist, who creates various types of content for your site, from product descriptions to educational blog posts,
  • Off-site SEO Specialist, who implements the strategy of acquiring incoming links to your site and ensures the quality of the link profile,
  • Conversion Optimization and UX Specialist, whose goal is to improve the site's functionality in such a way that it is user-friendly and leads users directly to conversion.
What should you expect when working with an SEO agency?

Are you curious about how your partnership with an SEO agency will unfold? An SEO agency will handle tasks such as analytics, on-site and off-site optimization, content enhancement, and other positioning-related activities.

The agency will regularly report on the results and progress of their work, suggesting potential modifications in strategies. At the agency, a dedicated client manager frequently touches base with clients to ensure the actions are yielding expected results or to keep abreast of any business developments that could influence the SEO strategy.

Conversely, you'll have a few minor responsibilities to prepare for, which will be crucial for the SEO agency, including:

  • granting necessary access permissions to the agency
  • reviewing and approving new website content
  • implementing optimization recommendations
  • providing business-related materials and insight
  • communicating any planned website changes to the agency
  • updating the agency on changes in offerings

These might seem like small tasks, but they significantly influence the quality of work delivered by the SEO agency's specialists. Any delays or failures to implement recommendations or lack of communication from your end can stall the SEO progress. Therefore, it's worth considering these tasks when planning to collaborate with an SEO agency.

Discover our SEO process at Widoczni Agency: Boost your user base and revenues!

Get a glimpse into our SEO strategy for websites and online stores, a process we've perfected over more than two decades. While SEO trends continue to evolve, we consistently adhere to the highest standards in digital marketing to deliver tangible results in increased visibility, traffic, and revenue. Find out what your company's SEO strategy will look like with us.

  • Evaluating Competitor Activity and Conducting Website Audits.
  • Performing Keyword Analysis with the Expertise of an SEO Agency.
  • Creating Engaging Content with the assistance of an SEO Agency. Monetize your efforts through Content Marketing.
  • Strategic Acquisition of Inbound Links for SEO Enhancement.
  • Implementing Technical Optimization in Online Positioning. Cater to the requirements of both Google algorithms and end-users.
Effective Search Engine Optimization

Achieve greater results with our specialized SEO agency


Comprehensive services at the SEO Agency Widoczni

Here at Widoczni, our comprehensive SEO services leave no room for guesswork. We meticulously create a unique and effective SEO strategy for each client, tailored specifically to their industry, market landscape, and target demographic. Our all-encompassing SEO strategy includes:

  • Crafting engaging content that not only attracts users but also keeps them browsing your website,
  • Securing high-quality inbound links to enhance your website's credibility and enable you to compete effectively with other businesses investing in SEO,
  • Implementing technical optimizations to streamline the execution of the SEO strategy and enhance search engine indexing,
  • Regular analysis and detailed reporting of results to ensure our strategies align with your goals,
  • Dedicated project teams collaborating closely to drive your success,
  • Fundamental conversion optimization techniques to transform SEO traffic into tangible sales and increased revenue,
  • Essential User Experience (UX) optimization to guarantee a positive interaction for your users.
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Opt for an SEO agency backed up by a devoted team of specialists

The effectiveness of an SEO agency primarily hinges on the collaborative effort of proficient specialists.

Unlike numerous other SEO agencies, here at Widoczni, a comprehensive project team is assigned to manage your website. This distinct approach not only sets us apart but also considerably enhances the quality of services we deliver.

We strive to maintain a balanced customer-to-team ratio, ensuring adequate time for creative endeavors, implementation of optimizations, and data analytics, and yielding meaningful conversations about future growth prospects and opportunities for your website or online store.

The following experts will work tirelessly toward your SEO triumph:

  • On-site SEO specialists
  • Off-site SEO specialists
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Content marketing specialists
  • Project manager (your primary liaison with the SEO agency)
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Choose a good SEO agency. We'll guide you through the process!

Investing in SEO is a long-term commitment, so it's no surprise that you're looking for the best SEO agency out there.

The first step in selecting an agency is to become familiar with its offer, but what exactly should you verify to choose a long-term SEO partner?

We've gathered the most important criteria for choosing an SEO agency and provide guidance on how to meet this challenge.

Don't feel like reading? Contact our advisor to learn about our offer and find out what sets us apart from the competition.

  • Service pricing at an SEO agency
  • Contract termination period at an SEO agency
  • Goals set by the SEO agency
  • Keyword strategy of the SEO agency
  • Ease of communication with the SEO agency
  • Experience of SEO specialists within the agency
  • Reviews of the SEO agency
  • Success stories from the SEO agency