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Effective E-commerce SEO

Increase your sales with us. Our campaigns finance themselves.

E-commerce SEO

Online store website optimization.
New ecommerce SEO offer for 2024.

Increase sales and gain new customers

With us, you'll achieve effective SEO of your ecommerce store. Our customers are #alwaysvisible. Thanks to our SEO experts, your store will be visible on Google for the most important sales phrases and achieve traffic growth. As a result, you will enjoy increased sales and an influx of new customers.

Our goal in online store SEO is high effectiveness measured in conversions and return on investment (ROI). We combine the potential of SEO, optimization, analytics, and UX to generate results that allow you to grow your business. See what makes our clients #alwaysvisible!

SEO an online store with the Widoczni agency includes
Focus on acquiring inquiries and sales
Direct contact with an SEO specialist
Over 150 experienced specialists
Transparent cooperation terms without a long-term contract
Transparency in positioning results reporting
Conversion optimization

When should you choose our online store SEO service?

Are you considering investing in online store SEO? In the long term, it's one of the most cost-effective methods of promoting a store online. Through SEO, not only will you build your e-commerce business's popularity, but most importantly, you'll increase sales.

Do you have doubts? Choose store SEO with the Widoczni agency if:


1. You have an online store but no sales
2. You want to grow your store and brand effectively
3. Your store gets visits, but they don't end with a transaction
4. You want to reach new customers and retain existing ones
5. You're looking for effective and profitable business promotion methods
6. You want to increase the value of your sales

Online store SEO is a long-term tactic. It gradually allows you to achieve all business goals — from building visibility and reaching the right audience to optimization and acquiring new sales. Give your store a chance to grow with SEO at the Widoczni agency. Ask an advisor for details.

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Over 600 positive reviews on Google and 70 reviews on Clutch.co


We are one of the best and most frequently rated online marketing agencies in Poland on the largest rating platforms: Google and Clutch.co. Check out our ratings and see why it’s worth working with us.





Entrust the SEO of your store to proven experts

Do you want to promote your store online? Choose an experienced team of over 100 online marketing specialists — the Widoczni agency. We have experience of doing SEO for e-commerce businesses of various scopes, target groups, and offers — from beginner stores to well-known and large e-commerce companies. See why it's worth working with us.

We increase sales in your store

SEO online stores makes them visible in Google’s top 10 results for the most important keywords. But what's the point? For us, building visibility is just a stage of e-commerce SEO — we don't intend to stop there. At the Widoczni agency, we believe SEO for online stores is primarily about increasing sales.

Creating large traffic from Google is not enough for us — our goal is to turn this traffic into sales. How do we do it? We continuously optimize your store for the most important keywords related to your offer, create and optimize product descriptions, and implement technical changes in the store. This is how our agency does ecommerce SEO that generates sales.

We improve your customers' experiences

We don't only increase traffic to your store. We aim to increase the traffic of buying visitors. We achieve this goal through conversion and UX optimization.

Conversion optimization is an important step in our SEO process. It includes analyzing user behavior in the store, identifying obstacles that prevent users from making a purchase, testing and implementing solutions, and engaging in advanced analytics.

We introduce changes in your store that significantly improve user experience and make it easier for visitors to make a purchase. If you also use other forms of online marketing, not just store SEO, our Pro SXO service, which involves carrying out comprehensive conversion optimization for different channels, is ideal for you.

We operate in a transparent way without long-term contracts

Our clients cooperate with us because they want to, not because they have to. We don’t keep clients with us through shady contracts, but through effectiveness and clear cooperation terms.

The biggest motivation for online store owners is seeing how visibility, traffic, and sales in the store increase due to our work. They stay with us for years once they experience the effects we deliver.

Occasionally, clients terminate their cooperation as they seek new ideas and methods to promote the store. However, they often return to us because it's hard to find an agency with such a transparent cooperation model, efficiency, and customer approach.

We are one of the largest SEO/ADS agencies in Poland

Did you know that we are a team of over 100 online marketing specialists? In such a large team, there's no shortage of ideas, knowledge, and experience to carry out online store SEO with the highest effectiveness. People with even over a decade of SEO ecommerce experience work on the success of your business.

A large web SEO department guarantees you the continuity and intensity of activities. We have our own content marketing specialist team, ensuring the highest quality content, optimized according to the SEO department's recommendations.

Finally, our big advantage is the Customer Success department — your window to the world of online positioning. Specialists from this department ensure regular contact with you, explain difficult issues in simple language and suggest solutions that increase store efficiency.

We prioritize exceptional standards of customer service

We don't have an anonymous call center. Instead, we have a department of well-trained Customer Success specialists who know and understand your business.

From the beginning, you work with one person and only contact them. These are comfortable conditions for joint work on your store, sharing ideas, and recommending new activities.

At the beginning of the cooperation, we also introduce you to the entire team working for your store: specialists from the SEO for store department, content marketing, Google Ads, and others.

Clear and simple reporting of store positioning results

E-commerce SEO reports can often be difficult to understand. That's why we simplify SEO reporting for your store so that even novices can comprehend it effortlessly. We provide you with regular, easy-to-understand reports, complete with clear descriptions, in-depth interpretations, and actionable conclusions.

We focus solely on data that actually indicates the effectiveness of our work and is related to store SEO and boosting sales. We use the best analytical tools to prepare SEO reports for stores, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Senuto, Surfer, Ahrefs, Netpeak, and others.

Clients are offered the chance to partake in basic analytics training. This course is designed to enhance their comprehension of the reports, familiarize them with the analytical tools, and learn the principles of online analytics and data interpretation.

With us, you will be in good company!
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Discover the benefits of SEO online stores with the Widoczni agency

You'll reach new customers

Most users looking for products turn to the Google search engine. Effective SEO will significantly improve your ecommerce store's rankings on Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The more keywords you'll rank for in Google’s top 10, the wider net you'll cast and the greater your chances of reaching new customers.

You'll increase your sales from Google

The more traffic you get from Google, the higher the probability people visiting your store will become your customers. Thanks to strategically chosen keywords, you'll reach your target group — people searching for specific products on Google.

You'll increase the value of your existing customers

Your current customers also use Google. Don't let the competition reach them with their offer first. Your store's visibility on the most important keywords builds trust and prestige for your store.

You'll build the brand as an expert online

Positioning your store will make you visible on Google when your customers are looking for advice, reviews, or product comparisons. Thanks to ranking for various keywords, you'll build relationships and trust with future customers.

You'll improve the attractiveness of your entire offer

Store SEO also includes building, expanding, and optimizing product descriptions and product categories. Sometimes, it involves changing the entire structure of your online store. Your customers will appreciate valuable content and the convenience of browsing their favorite products.

You're investing in the development of your business

Store SEO is a long-term online marketing tactic. You invest in long-term activities that allow you to effectively plan the development of your store for the coming years and observe a steady increase in sales from ecommerce SEO.

You choose one of the most cost-effective actions

Because online website optimization is long-term, it is also highly cost-effective. Over time, you gain increasing sales while maintaining the same financial outlays. SEO builds high positions, a well-optimized store, and sales. What more could you want?

You leave the competition far behind

A store that does not position itself or uses low-quality SEO has no chance of reaching customers on Google. Store SEO allows you to build or maintain your position as a leader in your industry. Thanks to it, you reduce the risk of losing customers to competitive stores.

Conversion Optimization at the Price of Online Store SEO!


We know how to increase sales in an online store

We focus on conversion optimization and progressively increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) ratio. Our goal is to generate the highest possible sales in your online store within the budget of the SEO campaigns. To put it simply — online positioning will pay off for you!

We optimize the purchase path and reduce cart abandonment

Effective conversion optimization of an online store includes not only work at the level of product pages and the home page but primarily reducing the cart abandonment rate by optimizing the purchase path in the store. Before starting the positioning of online stores, we test the purchasing process to identify the stages that discourage users from making a purchase.

Effectively building sales. Our campaigns pay for themselves

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field of effective SEO optimization of an online store and conversion rate optimization, we not only attract traffic to your store but also direct potential customers to it to build sales.


All with one goal in mind — to increase the profit of your store from SEO campaigns.

An SEO agency that delivers measurable results

Looking for an effective SEO agency for your online store? Take a look at the stories of cooperation and interviews with our clients. You can also familiarize yourself with the hundreds of reviews from our clients. The voice of our clients is the best confirmation of our effectiveness and quality of service. Want to know more? Contact our advisor.

Increase in Visibility for a Store with Courses for High School Graduates

Online stores that have used our e-commerce positioning service observe a regular and gradual increase in the number of visits and sales. Above is an example of an increase in keywords in the TOP 10 Google for our client matura100procent.pl

18-fold increase in revenue in an automotive store

Revenue increase in an online store with automotive parts — Ivemax. Thanks to our SEO, the store's revenue increased 18-fold!

7-fold increase in visits to a store with curtains and drapes

Improving the store's position in Google is associated with more clicks and traffic on the site. We present more than a 7-fold increase in views and clicks in Google Search Console for our next client — MSstyl.pl — an online store with curtains and drapes.


No Long-Term Contracts

We are confident in the effectiveness of our service. That's why our website optimization offer does not require a long-term contract.

Our Clients are with us because they want to, not because they have to.

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The Process of Positioning an Online Store

The process of positioning an online store is multi-stage and requires time, knowledge, and the commitment of a whole team of specialists.

Unlike small websites consisting of a few subpages, the positioning service for an online store is much more complex, and only a comprehensive implementation of SEO for e-commerce yields the expected results. The key is choosing appropriate strategies for positioning an online store.

See how the positioning of an online store proceeds according to our methods.

  1. Analysis and Strategy for Store Positioning
  2. Searching for Keywords to Target
  3. Optimization of an Online Store
  4. Content Marketing in E-commerce
  5. Building a Brand in E-commerce
  6. Conversion Optimization and Functionality in an Online Store
  7. Testing, Optimization, and Analytics of an Online Store
Why Widoczni?

With Us, You Get More Bang for Your Buck

We give you not only measurable SEO results but also a number of additional benefits. As part of positioning, we will also create high-quality content for the site, as well as perform conversion rate optimization. In addition, we give all clients the opportunity to gain basic knowledge of online marketing thanks to our training courses. Check out below why our SEO offering gives you more than you expect.

See what we add to our SEO services package
Content marketing

We create and publish valuable content on your website that is optimized for SEO and tailored to your audience.

Conversion optimization

We remove all obstacles on your customer's path to purchase or establish a relationship.

Free training

We share our knowledge and invite our clients to free online marketing training.

What do you need to know about SEO your online store? Questions and Answers

Are you interested in an online store SEO service but need additional information? Or are you wondering what you should know before you start positioning your store?

Check out our answers to the most frequently asked customer questions about ecommerce SEO, such as ‘How to position an online store?’ We've collected them all below. All your questions will also be answered by our customer advisors - feel free to contact them.

What is an SEO ecommerce strategy?
Down arrow

SEO eCommerce strategy refers to the methods used to improve the visibility of an eCommerce website on search engines. The goal is to attract more organic, unpaid traffic, which can then be converted into sales.

This strategy may involve optimizing website content and design, conducting keyword research, enhancing the user experience, creating high-quality backlinks, and ensuring the website is mobile-friendly.

What is SEO ecommerce, and how does it work?
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SEO eCommerce is the practice of making an eCommerce website more visible in search engine result pages (SERPs). It involves optimizing the website and its content with relevant keywords that potential customers are likely to use during their online search. By doing this, the website gets higher search rankings, which could lead to increased traffic.

Once the users are directed to the website, they can explore products and make purchases. SEO eCommerce not only helps to increase the website’s visibility, but it also enhances usability and provides a better user experience.

Why is SEO important for ecommerce?
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SEO is important for eCommerce for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it improves the visibility of the eCommerce website, meaning more potential customers can find the business. This leads to increased traffic and potentially more sales. Secondly, effective SEO strategies ensure a better user experience, which can improve the site's bounce rate and conversion rate.

Thirdly, SEO is cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising, making it a clear choice for many businesses. Additionally, in today’s competitive market, SEO is necessary to stay ahead or at least keep up with competitors.


How long does it take to position an online store?

We analyzed dozens of customer sites to find out:

  • how long does ecommerce SEO for online stores take
  • how long does it take for e-commerce website SEO

We have selected the 3 most common variants of sites - from a small store to a local site - to determine from our experience how long it takes to see the results of ecommerce SEO.


How much does it cost to position a store?

We offer online store SEO services tailored to your needs and capabilities

The price of SEO of an online store is determined individually based on factors such as:

  • current position and visibility of the store on Google
  • specifics of your industry + SEO strategy by your competitors
  • the technical conditions of the software used (the degree of adaptability in terms of online SEO)
  • the number of categories and assortment items (sub-pages in your online store)

After the initial analysis, we can develop the most effective advertising and promotion strategy that will also be adapted to your capabilities. With this approach, we realize effective online store optimization, which is available to everyone - from small stores to large e-commerce platforms.

The secret to effective store SEO? A team of experts at the Widoczni agency

Our specialists know how to position an online store. We are the only company on the market that delegates an entire team of experts to each ecommerce SEO project: an SEO specialist, a webmaster, an off-site optimization specialist, a content marketing specialist, and a conversion optimization specialist.

Smooth communication between the team of experts and your company would not be possible without a dedicated customer service specialist to oversee the campaign. He is the one who will provide you with the necessary knowledge of the ongoing activities, from SEO audit of your online store to sending reports, analyzing the impact of the campaign on your business, and, together with you, defining the next goals.

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We know how to position an online store effectively.

See how we do it.

Online store positioning on Google (ecommerce SEO) is a comprehensive online marketing service that aims to increase sales in your store by:

  • acquiring valuable user traffic from search engines to your store
  • conversion optimization, i.e. generating as many sales as possible in your store from already existing traffic.

Online store optimization turns a user into a customer. Thus, SEO activities for an online store include, among other things, the selection of keywords for positioning and effective optimization of content, as well as work on the structure of the store and its functionality.

What does the process of positioning a store look like at the Widoczni agency

Positioning an online store is a complex and multi-stage process. Each stage of ecommerce SEO allows us to refine other aspects of the online store, from technical optimization to building sales and image.

We effectively implement all steps of the store positioning process:

  • analysis and development of an ecommerce positioning strategy
  • SEO audit of the online store
  • selection of keywords for broad positioning - linguistic profiling
  • technical optimization of the store for positioning
  • content marketing - i.e. development and SEO optimization of content
  • brand building and boosting popularity
  • optimization of conversion and functionality of the store
  • measurement, testing, and re-optimization

Increase sales with the SEO of the store with the Widoczni agency

Improving the position of an online store in Google is quite a challenge. Our experts know how to do it. In the case of online store SEO, we pay special attention to ensure that the website is properly optimized for users' needs and thus encourages them to make a purchase. The main purpose of advertising an online store is to generate sales, so it is not enough to acquire a lot of traffic, you need to know how to use it.

When we undertake online store advertising, we check whether the sites are functional and whether making a purchase is easy. Among other things, we take into account such elements of the store as:

  • shopping path
  • division into categories
  • menu structure on the home page
  • easy access to contact
  • possibility of conducting ecommerce analysis

As a result of the above activities, the client receives a number of recommendations for ecommerce SEO optimization, the implementation of which can significantly affect the conversion rate on the site.

We reliably measure the effectiveness of online store SEO

The main goal of SEO for ecommerce stores, i.e. advertising an online store, is to increase sales. In order to analyze the effects of ongoing activities, it is necessary to install the ecommerce module in Google Analytics. This makes SEO work for the store fully measurable - we analyze, among other things:

  • number and value of transactions and revenue from individual products
  • average order value
  • number of completed transactions
  • unique purchases
  • e-commerce conversion rate

With the module, you can also track sales effectiveness based on specific products. The advantage is the ability to study the source of purchases - how many customers visit the store from Google positioning, Adwords, after typing the store address in the search engine or from other channels.

We create effective content for online store SEO

Content marketing for ecommerce - effective development of online store content

Working on effective SEO optimization and positioning of an online store in Google also involves content marketing services. Rich on-page content increases the value of your site in Google's estimation and thus is an integral part of online store SEO. In order to improve your store's position in Google, we will recommend expanding your site's content into guide and expert texts that are also useful to your customers. We will also take a look at product descriptions and product groups - whether they are rich, readable, and contain all relevant information for buyers.

Online stores often derive product descriptions from manufacturers, resulting in duplication of content between subpages and between multiple stores with the same product range. An important element of SEO for online stores is the expansion of content into unique and valuable product and category descriptions. Rich content supports the effective promotion of online stores.

You need content in your online store to effectively position your store in Google, communicate with customers, and build sales. We have a solution for that. Our dedicated team of copywriters has years of experience in improving the position of your store page with effective content.

Texts for online stores play a complex role, so it is a mistake to neglect this sphere. Content marketing is no longer an activity for a few but a must-have tactic for every online store owner. How to create effective content for an online store in terms of ecommerce SEO?

Content marketing vs. store positioning

The importance of content marketing in the online store SEO process makes it difficult to build visibility for the store in Google without content that is also valuable to potential customers. Technical optimization and link building are not enough to see the effects and benefits of positioning. Positioning is also about taking care of content from product descriptions to high-quality expert blog texts.

What should you pay attention to so that the content in your online store actually generates high rankings in Google and results in increased visibility? Certainly keyword selection and the creation of valuable, unique content matters.


Product descriptions with ecommerce SEO in mind

How do you improve the position of the store in Google? Improving the position in organic results is positively influenced by descriptive content created in accordance with the principles of SEO for ecommerce. Their purpose is not just to encourage customers to buy but to build traffic and high positions in search engine results. How to create effective SEO product descriptions for ecommerce?

Conduct keyword optimization Introduce unique product and category descriptions Use a friendly description structure Supplement descriptions with images

descriptions should contain keywords relevant to SEO for ecommerce, at the same time, take care to ensure proper density and use of long tail phrases, as well as placing phrases in URLs, headings, and alternative image descriptions

copying descriptions from manufacturers' websites or creating the same templates for multiple products hinders search engine algorithms and, at the same time, lowers page rank.

creating product descriptions should be guided by SEO guidelines for e-commerce and user needs. You should analyze the way people browse the site and highlight the text accordingly with headings, bullets, construction, and paragraphing.

enhancing the description with images or video is almost a basic SEO for e-commerce procedures. The materials should be of high-quality alternative description, and the products should be presented from all perspectives, preferably at the time of use.

Keywords in online store SEO

SEO Content for ecommerce should be enriched with keywords. At the same time, the use of keywords should not reduce the quality of the text or be done at the expense of its meaning. Keywords are just a natural part of SEO content that is consistent with the chosen theme of your store. Gone are the typical SEO texts for online stores, which consisted of meaningless sentences with unchanged phrases for SEO. Today, the focus is on naturalness, correctness, and value for the customer of your store. So, how do you take care of improving your store's position in Google?

In the case of an online store, it is worth paying attention to the selection of keywords in line with user intent. Particularly important are long-tail (long tail) keywords, that is, phrases consisting of several words. Such phrases best reflect the user's expectations. Below are examples:

  • Shoes - such a phrase says nothing about the user's intentions in the search results. It's hard to judge whether they want to buy shoes from your store, match shoes to their outfit, or maybe they want to see how to translate this word into a foreign language or send a link to shoes to a friend. The group of users typing the word shoes is so diverse that we have little chance that most of them will be ready to make a purchase from our store, so SEO for such a phrase is ineffective.
  • Women's sports shoes - this phrase is already more precise due to the SEO of the product category. We know that the user is a woman and is looking for specific shoes - sports shoes. Nevertheless, we do not know the intention; maybe she wants to buy, or maybe she is looking for advice for the time being? Let's look for the most precise keywords for positioning in Google.
  • Running shoes nike free run women's pink - the user has typed a specific model and even the color of the shoes into Google search. It can be assumed that she has specified expectations and is considering a purchase from your store. As you can guess, the group of such users is less numerous than with the phrase shoes. However, the probability of getting a customer from Google is higher.
  • What running shoes to 200 zł? - this key phrase also perfectly specifies the expectations of the Google user but indicates the need to obtain advice. This is also the audience for your online store! After getting advice, the user will want to make a purchase, so it is worth approaching them with reliable advice on the products or services you have chosen.

Based on the above division of phrases, you can develop the content needs of your store for SEO. Where should you start?