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Free Consultations and SEO Audit

Evaluate Your Website's Search Engine Positioning

Complimentary SEO evaluation
Introducing our New Year 2024 SEO evaluation package

In a dynamic 45-minute web call, we will perform a complimentary online SEO evaluation through remote desktop sharing. We'll scrutinize how your site stacks up against competitors.

To wrap it up, we'll also unveil strategies for BOOSTING SALES.

This no-cost SEO assessment offers a glimpse into the growth trajectory of your online business. You will identify untapped opportunities and obtain fresh insights on enhancing your website or e-commerce store's prowess.

Book your FREE SEO evaluation online + consultation via teleconference if:

SEO an online store with the Widoczni agency includes
You're keen on assessing the effectiveness of your current SEO endeavors.
You want to increase sales or the number of inquiries.
You want to improve your visibility on Google.
Scope of Our SEO Audit

What's Included in Our Complimentary SEO Audit?

Our complimentary SEO audit dives deep into key aspects of your website or e-commerce platform crucial for ranking and user experience (UX).

Using advanced analytical tools, we provide a comprehensive overview of your website's Google performance, benchmark it against competitors, and outline future online visibility prospects.

We prioritize the following areas in our no-cost SEO audits:

On-Page SEO

Given the complexity of on-page optimization, covering this area entirely in a free audit isn't feasible.

Instead, we pinpoint the usual suspects of subpar optimization – namely metadata and Hx headers.

While these are just some of many optimization strategies, their neglect often indicates broader inadequacies, such as poor-quality content on product and advice pages.

Off-Page SEO

Effective positioning is impossible without backlinks. In our complimentary audit for websites and e-commerce platforms, we scrutinize the incoming link profile, focusing on quantity, growth rate, and SEO relevance.

Despite the challenges of such analysis (the number of links alone doesn’t tell the full story), our experts thoroughly review your backlink situation, assessing its impact on your platform’s future trajectory.

Technical Site Optimization

Our no-cost SEO audit zeroes in on your performance when it comes to Core Web Vitals - metrics detailing loading times for site elements, page behavior during load-ins, and overall readiness for action.

Partner with us for an exhaustive technical SEO assessment and receive detailed optimization strategies tailored specifically for you. Consider this initial audit as just the beginning.

UX Optimization

A pivotal part of our audit is evaluating User Experience (UX). We identify key elements influencing conversion rates - from your use of Call-To-Actions (CTAs) and presentation of offers to ensuring faultless functionality of popular e-commerce features.

Intrigued? Further collaboration allows you to explore more profound UX insights through an exhaustive paid audit enriched with detailed analyses and recommendations.

Discover What Our Free SEO Audit Covers

Explore the aspects we evaluate in our online SEO audit and understand the insightful feedback it generates for your website and business.
Assessment Category
Insights Provided
Number of phrases in Google's top 10 and top 50
Discover how visible your website is on Google in both the top 10 and top 50 search rankings. The more phrases related to your offer. the better your chances of effectively reaching potential customers.
Visibility compared to the competition
Understand where you stand against your competitors regarding online visibility in Google search results. By analyzing three competing businesses. we'll show you direct comparisons to pinpoint if prospective customers might choose them over you based on search presence.
Trends in the number of phrases
We will evaluate if the number of phrases in the top 10 for your site has increased or decreased and compare the situation to your competition. If the declines only affect your site. it is worth taking specific steps as soon as possible.
Number of links
Incoming links. i.e.. those placed on external websites and portals. are among the most important factors affecting positioning. You will learn how many links you have and whether this number is optimal. If there are too few links. they will not have an effect. Too many can lead to a loss of site visibility.
Trends in the number of links
We will check whether the number of links gradually increases or decreases. If we notice a rise. we will assess if it’s not too abrupt (A very rapid increase in links can harm SEO performance).
Core Web Vitals
You will gain insight into 4 indicators used by Google's algorithm to assess your site. They largely concern the loading speed of the site and the time needed to interact with it.
Optimization of meta-data
You will find out if elements like the title and description on your site are optimized. This is the basic scope of on-site optimization.
Optimization of headers
Headers on the site help algorithms understand content and add value to it. A poorly structured header system detracts from effective site positioning.
Hero section
These are elements a user sees immediately upon clicking on the site. They often decide whether a user will further browse the site and interact with it. We will check if the content in this section allows you to achieve such a goal.
Placement of CTA on the site
CTA elements (e.g.. buttons encouraging contact or purchase) are evaluated in terms of their prevalence and whether their format is clear to users.
Offer presentation
You will learn whether the current way of showcasing products and services increases the chances of acquiring a customer or if certain elements are missing.
Store functionality
If you run a store. we will also evaluate whether it has all the recommended features for users. We’ll also investigate if there are obstacles that prevent the smooth browsing of products. adding to a cart. and completing an order.
Types of Audits

Should You Opt for a Paid or Free Website SEO Audit?

Our complimentary website audit covers the most essential basics. This starter package is ideally suited if you want to know how Google views your site and whether it needs notable adjustments to climb to the top of search engine rankings.

Those who have nurtured their sites over the years but find high traffic doesn't convert to sales might want to consider investing in a paid audit.

It should help in identifying hurdles, whether they stem from site functionality, lackluster offers compared to competitors, lack of engaging content, or even suboptimal company contact methods.

Discover Our Range of SEO Audits

UX Audit

UX (User Experience) audits are evaluations that pinpoint navigational and structural weaknesses through your average visitor's eyes. Expect actionable insights on improving menu layouts, purchase paths, contact forms, and visual arrangements.

Conversion Rate Audits

Dive into reports that map out your customer's journey from site entry to full conversion. Is there room for smoother transitions or reduced obstacles? Our audits illuminate paths toward optimizing conversion rates.

Advanced SEO Audits

Advanced analysis is the bread and butter of Widoczni SEO agency. Regular reports keep our clients informed with cutting-edge, professional insights akin to what's offered in our free online website evaluations.

Embarking on a partnership with our agency opens your options to niche yet profoundly specialized SEO assessments: technical health checks, content strategy reviews, competitive landscape analysis, link profile audits, and more.

SEO Audit

How to Order Our No-Cost SEO Audit?

Getting your hands on a complimentary online SEO audit (also known as SEO analysis) is straightforward - just use our contact form. Don’t forget to include your website's URL that you'd like us to analyze.

We'll compile a detailed free web audit for you, complete with interpretations of key findings, and deliver it straight to your inbox as a PDF document.


Why Conduct an SEO Analysis of Your Site?

Wondering if your site could benefit from SEO? Our no-cost SEO audit might just hold all of your answers!

Issues like poor Google visibility, unfavorable backlink profiles, and sluggish load times can clearly impact your online sales negatively.

A site that fails to make an appearance on Google’s first page misses out on reaching a potential audience, unlike its optimized counterparts ranking among the top 10 search results.

Is a Website SEO Audit Worth Your Time?

Our free assessment focuses on aspects related to your site's Google visibility. Its elements are closely linked with areas that are affected by website positioning and digital marketing in general.

It's important to be aware that there are also other types of website audits available on the market. They are offered by companies that specialize in examining websites from various perspectives. The price for a professional SEO site analysis can easily reach thousands of dollars.


Specialized Audits for E-Commerce Stores

Online sotres face unique challenges, making them prime candidates for in-depth SEO audits which encompass UX (User Experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) evaluations, as well as traditional SEO scrutiny.

Such thorough analyses are pivotal for e-commerce platforms struggling to hit their stride in sales performance.

By leveraging insights gleaned from these reviews, shop owners can craft informed strategies targeting user behavior and optimizing overall store quality from an SEO standpoint.

Taking advantage of our complimentary SEO review could prove beneficial for your e-commerce platform. Why not give it a shot?

What Does a Free SEO Audit Entail?

A free SEO audit offers a commitment-free examination of selected aspects of your website or e-commerce platform.

This process culminates in a comprehensive report, which you'll have the opportunity to review during an online consultation with an experienced analyst. Through an SEO audit, you can pinpoint issues and identify areas where your site falls short.

Opting for a free SEO audit lays solid groundwork for deciding whether to invest in SEO or venture into other facets of digital marketing. Typically, this audit hones in on specific segments of site optimization, which our specialists evaluate using advanced SEO tools.

If your website or online store isn't living up to your expectations and you're in pursuit of reliable promotion strategies, it's time to consider commissioning a free SEO audit.

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Audits Examined

How Can You Perform an SEO Audit?

A complimentary SEO audit typically offers a basic but crucial preliminary analysis of your site. Are you aware that it's possible to carry out a website audit by yourself? With just a little bit of expertise and the right tools, you can do it.

Through the SEO audit explained here, you'll get acquainted with numerous concepts, grasp the workings of digital marketing, and independently determine what your website needs to progress.

Learn how to conduct an audit of your website swiftly!

Backlink Audit

Down arrow

A backlink profile audit involves several key checks, including:

  • Counting how many links have been obtained
  • Assessing the quality of those links
  • Monitoring the pace at which new links are acquired
  • Evaluating whether the links positively or negatively affect the site's SEO

It's crucial to remember that inappropriate links are among the leading causes of Google penalties. So, before initiating any link-building activities, it’s vital to verify that existing links won't jeopardize your site's reputation.

If risky links are identified, our first step is to remove them. The ultimate goal of a backlink audit is crafting a robust strategy to gather high-quality, varied links.

We conduct our incoming link analysis with advanced tools like Ahrefs, and if available, Google Search Console data from our clients. During an Ahrefs audit, particular focus is given to the volume and quality metrics such as link growth trends and Domain Rating (DR) of linking domains.

An intriguing aspect of our audits is that they can be done for any domain without direct access to your website, enabling us not only to analyze your site but also to scrutinize your competitors' backlink strategies for a comprehensive link-building plan.

How To Read a Backlink Audit?

Down arrow

Link Profile Quality

Knowing how to interpret a backlink audit's outcomes is crucial. The quality of links within your profile deserves significant attention.

This is where the domain rating (DR) comes into play; it evaluates whether Google views a domain as valuable and trustworthy. Aiming for links from sites with high DR scores (e.g., major portals and well-ranked, valuable websites) is highly beneficial.

Volume of Links

During link-building efforts, you'll likely encounter both high-value sites and those with lower DRs in your audit. For effective SEO, the sheer number of inbound links also plays a role.

Growth Pace

Another critical aspect is the pace at which you acquire these links. Ideally, aim for a consistent and gradual increase rather than a massive spike over a short period. The ideal growth chart in your link analysis should slope gently upwards without taking any sharp vertical leaps.

Technical SEO Audit
Down arrow

In our technical audit, we'll thoroughly examine if your website incorporates all necessary technical aspects that bolster its SEO friendliness. Through our analysis, we will try to identify missing critical components or discover an overuse of certain content types such as excessive H1 headers.

We advise the swift elimination of these issues because they limit your website's opportunities to ascend into Google's Top 10.

Check the Indexing Status

Designed for novices rather than web marketing experts, this section demystifies essential steps like verifying your website's indexation and its performance within Google’s searches.

How to Manually Check for Indexation?

By utilizing the “site:” command with your web address, you can easily determine how many of your pages are showcased in Google's search results.

This approach doesn't limit visibility insights to just the coveted top 10 spots but extends to any position within Google's vast search outcome landscape.

Leveraging Google Search Console for Efficient Indexing Insights

Google Search Console is an indispensable tool for deeper indexing insights, including:

  • Indexing errors: Here you will get a hint about possible causes, so you can plan appropriate actions to eliminate errors. Errors may be related to improper server operation or a slow server that prevents the bot from entering the site. Indexing errors can also result from your own actions, i.e., excluding the site from indexing. If you make many changes to the site or delete old subpages, it’s almost certain many errors will occur.
  • Valid with warnings: these are pages that are indexed but simultaneously excluded by you via robots.txt file. Google issues a warning to make you aware that despite exclusion, the page is visible in search results. You can change this by assigning the noindex, follow attribute to the site.
  • Valid: Here, no action is needed - you just need to ask yourself whether most of your significant pages are already indexed. There may be a warning there concerning a lack of sitemap, but it is not essential for proper indexing of the site. You can catch up at any time and check if the number of indexed URLs significantly increases thanks to the sitemap.
  • Excluded: Here you will find a list of URLs that will not be indexed by Google. The reason for this is either your exclusion or the type and content of the page that Google thinks should not be indexed. Examples of the latter include duplicate content, pages resulting from product filtering and all pages with errors. Large websites and online stores can expect the list of excluded pages to be long. This is something you shouldn't worry about, unless you detect that the exclusion also includes valuable pages.

By checking for indexing, you quickly learn whether indeed your site isn’t on Google or if it's hidden on the dead end of search results.

What's Included in a Technical SEO Website Audit?
Down arrow

A technical SEO audit scrutinizes various critical elements, including:

  • Page Load Time: Don't settle for just Google PageSpeed Insights. Expanding your toolset to include Pingdom and GTMetrix can offer deeper insights too.
  • Mobile Optimization: Leverage Google's mobile usability testing tool to identify and correct any issues hindering performance on mobile devices
  • Keyword Cannibalization: A thorough analytical approach is required to pinpoint instances where multiple subpages rank for identical search queries. It is important to prevent competition within your own site. Utilize Google Search Console's performance data for insights.
  • Redirect Accuracy: Ensure all redirects (e.g., http to https transitions) function properly to support seamless user experience. Verifying automated redirect systems for URL changes is also crucial.
    XML Sitemap Accuracy: Essential for aiding search engine bots in efficient navigation and indexing. Confirm that your sitemap is up-to-date and functioning correctly.
  • robots.txt File: Incorrect configurations within your robots.txt can unintentionally block pages from being indexed. Conversely, it’s necessary to strategically disallow certain pages, aligning with Google's recommendations.
  • Metadata: Tools like Screaming Frog are invaluable for diagnosing issues with metadata duplication or inadequate content length.
  • On-site Content Duplication: Identifying redundancies within your site or across external sites is crucial. Resources like Copyscape and SEMrush stand out for their efficacy in spotting duplicated content.
  • Broken Links: These not only drain your site’s indexing budget but also degrade the user experience and harm your SEO standing. Harness tools like Ahrefs’ broken link checker to mitigate these issues (note that while it's free, there's a cap on the number of links you can test).
Audit Your Website's Visibility on Google
Down arrow

Manual checks are impractical unless you're willing to sift through countless Google search result pages.

Instead, we recommend turning to specialized tools. While some require payment, there are also excellent free options available. Do expect some variation in findings across different tools due to their unique data collection methods.

Our go-to tools include Senuto, SEMSTORM, and Surfer SEO.

Such platforms enable us to monitor keywords where our site ranks within the top 10, top 3, and top 50 search results on Google. Elevating our website's visibility means achieving higher rankings for a broader range of keywords. Ideally, your goal should be to increase your site’s presence within the top 10 search results.

Progress and setbacks can be easily tracked through these tools’ reporting features. Observing a drop? It’s crucial to pinpoint whether it's due to insufficient efforts compared to your rivals, halting SEO activities or possibly a penalty from Google.

Consistent performance on your visibility chart may also pose questions. A stable high-ranking position across hundreds of thousands of keywords signals no immediate concerns. However, if your site has been stuck ranking for only a handful of phrases over several years, there’s substantial room for improvement and strategy refinement.

How Can I Find Out Which Keywords My Website Ranks For in Google?
Down arrow

Another crucial question you must address when using SEO tools revolves around identifying the precise keywords under which your website appears.

Ranking for Brand-Related Keywords

Ranking for keywords that include your company or brand name is generally the easiest route. However, this doesn't imply that it’s effortless. You should verify whether your website pops up as the top result for your company name. You can do it through an SEO tool or by searching manually in Google.

Similarly, explore how visible your personal name is if that's how customers know you. This immediate check can reveal whether only your competitors appear for your brand name - a scenario that unfortunately does happen.

Ranking for Sales-Related Keywords

Make sure that among the vast array of keywords your site ranks for, there are those closely linked with what you offer. Attracting users actively searching for your offerings should be your primary focus.

From a sales perspective, ranking for a substantial volume of keywords isn't sufficient. Your visibility needs to encompass a broad array of phrases directly related to what you provide.

If you're currently working with an SEO agency, scrutinize whether the keywords they report primarily describe your products and services. If they don't align with your offerings, it might be time to rethink the effectiveness of their strategy.

Ranking for Educational Keywords

Building awareness precedes selling - are you facilitating this process effectively? Investigate whether you’re reaching individuals seeking solutions and guidance. A straightforward method involves maintaining a blog packed with insightful advice.

While these keywords might not convert directly into sales immediately, they embed you within the consumer’s mind, pave the way for initial engagement with your brand, and potentially cultivate a trusting community. A lack of relevant keywords means limited reach to Google's users.

If your site ranks for numerous unrelated keywords, it’s high time to reassess and refine your keyword strategy.

Website Content Audit
Down arrow

When partnering with an SEO agency, its crucial to assess through a SEO content audit how well your website content has been optimized. Prior to taking any action, we conduct this audit to evaluate:

  • the content on the most important subpages of the site
  • the amount of key phrases
  • the user experience of your content

This assessment leads to developing strategies for text enhancement and keyword enrichment. We may also recommend new subpages and text fields additions on existing pages - like those within product categories.

What Does a Cyclical Website Content SEO Audit Involve and Why Is It Performed?

Content audits are pivotal during SEO campaigns for generating or revising website text to ensure effectiveness. They encompass not just textual analysis but gauge overall impact on site rank.

Aside from phrase visibility in Google searches, we also scrutinize:

Trending Site Content
Trending Site Content

Using Google Analytics, we investigate which content on the site gets the most entries from Google or is often viewed by site users. For this purpose, we access specific Google Analytics reports, such as:

  • landing pages report - we sort data based on the number of entries
  • exit pages report - we check which pages are usually the last ones viewed by a user on your site
  • all pages report - we check which subpages have the most users, sessions, and views

As a result, we can check the effectiveness of content in terms of acquiring users and conversions.

Let’s not forget about Google Search Console, which shows us CTR for pages and also indicates the most effective content.

Most Effective Content
Most Effective Content

We use Google Analytics reports to identify which content directly leads to conversions or benefits the user's path to conversion from first visit to purchase. We check:

  • reverse goal path report - we check which content brings users closer to making a conversion
  • conversion paths visualization - shows from which pages users most often enter the conversion path
  • goal completion location - shows on which subpages the conversion goal was achieved
Content of Your Competitors
Content of Your Competitors

Content SEO audit also involves auditing what works for competitors, what topics they cover, and what you lack compared to competitive sites.

Ahrefs is excellent for such analysis for a number of reasons:

  • Content Explorer is a module where you can access popular content in various ways. You can search for content with a specific phrase, with different words, or by marking the location, e.g., in content or title. Indicators that will help you with an SEO audit include: organic entries, domain rating, traffic value, or shares on Facebook.
  • Content Gap shows you what keywords you have in common with the competition, but also the keywords differentiating your rivals from your site.

In-Depth SEO Audit From the Widoczni Agency

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the SEO audit steps mentioned above?

There's no need to stress. When you partner with us, we'll kick things off with a comprehensive SEO audit for your store or website. This audit not only covers all previously mentioned steps but goes well beyond.

Our seasoned SEO experts craft it using a blend of sophisticated tools and their extensive knowledge.

The outcome? You'll receive a detailed set of optimization recommendations tailor-made for either your online store or website!

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What Should a Comprehensive SEO Audit of an Online Store Include?

E-commerce sites encounter unique hurdles in optimization efforts, with certain technical issues being common among these platforms. So, what should be the focus areas in an SEO audit for an e-commerce website? Essential aspects include:

Technical Optimization
Down arrow

An SEO audit conducted by an SEO agency primarily aims to assess the store’s quality and condition before commencing further optimization actions.

It can also serve as a means to find answers as to why positioning hasn't yielded results. Within the technical audit for a store, we examine:

  • Mobile-Friendliness: It's essential to ensure that the store can be properly navigated and purchases can be made on mobile devices. Mobile optimization is a key ranking factor in SEO.
  • Structured Data Accuracy: By providing additional information about the store and its offerings, Google gains a better understanding of the entire website. It's crucial to verify that added structured data displays correctly and that there are no errors related to Schema markup in Google Search Console.
  • Indexing Status: Before a page can be ranked, it must first be added to Google, i.e., indexed. It's important to ensure that all pages of your website are correctly indexed. If errors arise, it's necessary to investigate their cause and eliminate them.
  • Store Ranking: Following proper website optimization, rankings for keywords in the top 10 should consistently increase. It's important to ensure that these are keywords relevant to the offering.
  • Orphaned Pages: Due to improper website construction, robots may not reach all content, resulting in some subpages never being indexed. It's essential to ensure that there are no orphaned pages, i.e., pages without any internal links.
  • Pages Excluded from Indexing: Sometimes, not all pages are intended for promotion in Google. In such cases, various methods are employed to prevent their indexing. However, an SEO audit may reveal that pages intended for Google visibility have been mistakenly excluded.
  • Meta Tags: A common mistake regarding meta tags is duplication or complete absence of title and description tags. It's important to check this in an audit of the online store and plan improvements accordingly.
  • HTTPS Implementation Accuracy: Currently, an SSL certificate is an industry standard, and many other free certificates are available. However, the challenge lies in correct implementation, which requires proper redirection from HTTP to HTTPS. Presence of both variants will result in duplication of the entire site.
  • Content Duplication: Content duplication in online stores is a bigissue, and many store owners are unaware that their content is duplicated. Duplication in such cases stems from technical issues.
  • Internal Linking Structure of the Store: It's worthwhile to analyze both menu structure and other methods of internal linking. Attention should be paid to whether linking enables the site hierarchy correctly, covers all pages, and isn't too deep (too many subcategories).
  • Breadcrumb Navigation: This is an element worth implementing for both SEO and user experience. Breadcrumbs facilitate returning to higher-level pages in the hierarchy and recognizing where we are.
  • Page Load Time: This is crucial for user experience and, to a lesser extent, for SEO. However, it's still important to ensure that the store's load time meets the standards set by tools like Pingdom. This may necessitate actions to improve speed, such as optimizing image size or code minification.
On-page Optimization
Down arrow

Optimized content serves as the backbone of SEO, but it also plays a pivotal role in driving sales. What content-related aspects should be emphasized in an SEO audit of a store?

  • Keyword density: It’s a good idea to evaluate the presence and saturation of relevant keywords within the text and compare it with competitors holding higher rankings.
  • Content volume: It’s vital to ensure that SEO-driven content is sufficiently long. It might necessitate expanding product descriptions or informational sections.
  • Meta title and description: It’s necessary to tak a closer look at meta data. Is it infused with targeted keywords, compelling for click-throughs, and of suitable length?
  • Content quality: Uniqueness and utility are paramount. Mere keywords won't suffice for effective positioning. It's imperative that each page hosts unique, premium content tailored to your store. Moreover, content should enrich user experience by offering comprehensive product insights or pre-purchase/contact guidance.
Off-page Optimization
Down arrow

Prior to commencing partnerships with stores, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the inbound link profile as part of our link audit and store positioning endeavors.

A robust link profile is advantageous, whereas low-quality links run the risk of incurring Google's wrath. What aspects do we scrutinize?

  • Link quality: We evaluate whether links come from domains with high authority and if the linking pages are thematically relevant to your store.
  • Quantity of links: Typically, online stores lacking prior SEO efforts may possess minimal or no incoming links. We diligently ascertain the number of inbound links.
  • Growth pace: While the number of links holds significance, the rapid acquisition of numerous links within a short timeframe is ill-advised. Such practices run the risk of being penalized by search engine filters.
  • External expert publications: Publications featuring links to your store on respected portals can serve as valuable assets in the off-page optimization realm. Furthermore, they contribute to enhancing your brand's reputation.
User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Down arrow

In the realm of e-commerce, prioritizing User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is paramount.

Alongside an SEO audit, we recommend commissioning an UX audit to identify any impediments hindering the customer journey.


When Should You Consider a Free SEO Audit?

A free SEO audit is the best method for evaluating the optimization and positioning needs for your website or store. As such, anyone interested in effective positioning can benefit from this offer of a complimentary SEO audit.

Primarily, opting for a free online SEO audit becomes crucial if your website or store experiences:

  • A decline in visitation and conversion rates
  • Stagnation despite investments in SEO
  • Insufficient sales outcomes

Should you be keen on uncovering new growth avenues for your site or store, an SEO audit can pinpoint the optimal strategy and identify urgent issues needing resolution. Our experts provide a no-obligation, free SEO audit that doesn't compel you to take any further action.

However, we believe that once you understand our approach for effectively promoting your site, it could pave the way for a lasting collaboration.

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How Do We Conduct an SEO Audit?

To get a free SEO audit from us, all you need to do is share your website or e-commerce store's URL with us. From there, our seasoned advisors take over, leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience along with state-of-the-art SEO tools.

Discover the key tools that power our complimentary SEO audits.

The Role of Senuto in Our Free SEO Audits

Using Senuto, we delve into the visibility of your website on Google. Senuto provides invaluable insights, such as:

  • The number of phrases ranking in the top 10
  • The number of phrases ranking in the top 50
  • How well you rank when compared to your rivals

Senuto stands out as a sophisticated SEO tool designed for enhancing web positioning efforts. Its vast array of functionalities allows for a comprehensive examination of websites, keyword research, content idea generation, website monitoring, and crafting texts optimized for better SEO performance.

Expanding Audits with Ahrefs

Ahrefs serves as an essential tool that augments your SEO audit by providing detailed insights concerning links. When collaborating with clients, we employ Ahrefs for a deeper investigation into outbound links, identifying broken links, evaluating domain quality for potential collaborations, and much more.
Moreover, Ahrefs offers forecasts on website traffic and aids in keyword identification and content topic exploration.


SEO Audit Online: Questions and Answers

What is an SEO website audit? How much does an SEO audit cost? When is it advisable to commission SEO audits?

An SEO site audit is an analysis of a website in terms of factors influencing its positioning. Examples of such factors include incoming links, keyword content, or technical optimization of the site. Store and website SEO audits also include analyses of their visibility and other positioning effects.

In our SEO agency, online audits are provided free of charge. They are available to individuals who submit inquiries through the contact form on our website. Upon submission, our experts conduct a thorough SEO analysis within two days and present the findings during a discussion. It's important to note that not all agencies offer complimentary SEO audits.

Website audits (also referred to as SEO analyses) are typically conducted at the onset of collaboration with an agency/specialist and periodically throughout to assess the effectiveness of strategies. If you've been utilizing SEO services for an extended period and are uncertain about their efficacy, it's recommended to commission a positioning audit.

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Looking for an effective SEO/ADS agency?

SEO Audit - Price

Are you considering investing in the positioning of your website but unsure about the cost of an SEO audit and the entire optimization process?

Schedule a consultation with our expert for an analysis of your site and to discuss suitable offers. Our specialist will provide you with a report on the current status of your site regarding:

  • visibility on Google
  • profile of inbound links to the site
  • site speed
  • selected optimization gaps on the site

What is the pricing for an SEO audit? We have good news for you - our basic SEO audit is free of charge. However, if you've been running your site for a while and the accumulated traffic isn't translating into sales or other conversions, it's worth considering a professional SEO audit.

Professional SEO Audit

If you notice that despite promotional efforts, your site isn't yielding results, consider opting for a professional SEO audit.

Our experts will examine your website for SEO requirements and errors that may hinder positioning effectiveness.

What is the price of a professional website audit? We approach each client individually. Due to varying business objectives, scopes, industries, and website conditions, the cost of a professional SEO audit may vary.

Remember that at this stage, we also utilize specialized tools which incur costs, such as Senuto, Semstorm, Ahrefs, Netpeak, and others.