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Effective Website SEO

Increase your sales with us. Our campaigns finance themselves.


Website optimization with the Widoczni agency.
New SEO offer for 2024

Reach your customers on Google

SEO optimization and effective website SEO with Widoczni mean much more than reaching the top 10 in Google search results.

We focus on conversion and the successive growth of the Return on Investment (ROI) indicator. Our goal in optimization a website is to steadily increase visibility on Google for all phrases related to your offer.

SEO an online store with the Widoczni agency includes
Focus on acquiring inquiries and sales
Direct contact with an SEO specialist
Over 150 experienced specialists
Transparent cooperation terms without a long-term contract
Transparency in positioning results reporting
Conversion optimization

Effective Website SEO — Your Benefits

Choose an agency that delivers tangible SEO results.


Website SEO with the Widoczni agency brings measurable benefits to your business. Thanks to our actions, you will notice significant positive changes:


Building website visibility

Our clients are #alwaysvisible. Thanks to our web positioning efforts, your site will be displayed on the first page of Google for the most important phrases related to your business.

Your potential customers will find your site when they search for products, services, companies, or even advice.

And the competition? With us, you'll leave them far behind. Your website will occupy high positions on important keywords.

Increasing the number of visits to the site

A strategic approach to selecting keywords and optimizing the site will allow you to reach more potential customers. As a result of website positioning, you will enjoy increased traffic to your site.

Most importantly, we focus on getting more visits from your target audience — people who are likely to convert.

Increasing the number of inquiries and sales

High visibility of the site or a large number of visits is not enough for us. We want to turn visitors into your customers. To this end, we implement conversion rate optimization within SEO.

We remove all obstacles in the user's path to conversion (contact or sending inquiries). You will gain visitors to the site and, above all, new customers.

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Over 580 positive reviews on Google and 70 reviews on


We are one of the best and most frequently rated online marketing agencies in Poland on the largest rating platforms: Google and Check out our ratings and see why it’s worth working with us.





Why Work With the Widoczni Agency?

Discover the advantages of working with one of the largest SEO/PPC agencies in Poland

Once you learn that website optimization is a must-have in your marketing strategy, it's time to choose a team that will implement it for you. When you collaborate with the Widoczni agency, you pay for the highest quality of service and actions that bring measurable results. See why it's worth working with us!

We Focus On Acquiring Inquiries and Sales

Website positioning can and should be reported at every stage of the process.

At the beginning, you will find out what optimization actions have been carried out. Over time, the SEO report will show increases in the site's visibility for selected phrases. Finally, you will learn that thanks to high positions on Google, your site gets more and more visits.

Many agencies stop here, treating positions and traffic as the goal of website positioning. But not us! Our team focuses on professional website positioning, bringing results in terms of sales. Therefore, when working with us, you will measure the effectiveness of SEO through the prism of your profits.

We Focus On Direct Contact With an SEO Specialist

Don't know who is actually working on your site? Not when you work with the Widoczni agency!

After starting cooperation, you will be informed which specialists are involved in individual actions on your site. Consequently, you will meet your SEO specialist and contact them directly. It facilitates cooperation and decision-making regarding your site.

You will also meet your guardian, who oversees the course and quality of cooperation, your content marketing specialist, and other people involved in the project.

We Have Been in the Industry Since 1999

Website optimization is a dynamic industry where you must always keep your finger on the pulse. However, it also has some well-established foundations.

The primary advantage of Widoczni over other agencies that are still looking for their method of cooperating with the client is that we have thorough knowledge and experience with hundreds of companies from various industries. We know the SEO industry inside out; the time for testing and taking the first steps is long behind us.

What has our presence in this industry since 1999 taught us? The most important thing is diligent work and thoughtful response to news or changes.

We constantly expand our competencies, participate in industry conferences, and exchange experiences with leading SEO experts worldwide. We operate according to the best SEO practices, so you can be sure this will translate into the effects of SEO your site.

We Apply Transparent Cooperation Principles Without a Long-Term Contract

Our clients are with us because they want to be, not because they have to be. Regularly achieved results for our clients' sites are the best motivation for long-term cooperation.

In our portfolio, we have clients who have been with us almost since the agency's inception, but not because we keep them with complicated contracts without the possibility of termination. Our successful cooperation is based on the efficiency of our work, good relations, and the highest quality of service.

Sometimes, clients leave, searching for a new agency with different ideas for their site. However, they often return because it is difficult to find an agency operating in such a transparent cooperation model with such efficiency and approach to the customer.

Transparency in Reporting the Results of Website Positioning and Optimization

Our clients do not feel lost when they receive reports from us. We take great care to deliver transparent documentation containing all the necessary information to assess the quality of our actions.

Above all, our reports are understandable and enriched with interpretation and conclusions.

You don't have to wonder whether the indicators included in the report are at a favorable level. From the conclusions, you find out what we have done, how it translates into your site's effectiveness, and what our further plan of action is.

We use only the best tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Senuto, Ahrefs, and Surfer. Moreover, our clients regularly have the opportunity to participate in training on the basics of analytics, so they understand the reports sent even better.

We report actions cyclically. This way, you never have to ask for a report of actions.

Additionally, your guardian will regularly contact you to examine the effects of SEO, which cannot be measured in tools, such as sales in a stationary store or the number of telephone inquiries.

Conversion Optimization as an Element of Website Positioning

SEO does not end for us when your site achieves high positions. Reaching the top of SERPs for the most important phrases is a great success, but it still does not guarantee sales. The traffic obtained in this way needs to be converted into buying customers.

For this purpose, we are also working on your site's user experience. We pave the way for your site visitors to make a conversion and facilitate the decision to purchase or make an inquiry. It is a complex process called conversion rate optimization. We implement this service as part of website SEO for traffic obtained from Google.

If you think about implementing conversion optimization for your site in a broader scope, you can use the additional CRO service, which combines UX, analytics, and conversion optimization.

A Dedicated Team of Experts Awaits You

As the only ones on the market, we delegate an entire team of experts for each company SEO project: SEO Specialist, Webmaster, Link Profile Building Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, and Conversion Optimization Specialist.

Efficient communication between the team of experts and your company wouldn't be possible without a dedicated Customer Service Specialist who will oversee the course of the SEO campaign. They will provide you with the necessary knowledge about the conducted activities, send reports, analyze the campaign's impact on your business, and, together with you, determine further goals for your website.


The Process of Optimization a Website in Google service?

What actions will we implement for you as part of website SEO?

SEO is a series of actions to increase the site's visibility in the Google search engine and acquire valuable visits that end with a conversion. Although each site has different needs, your optimization strategy must include the most critical steps.

SEO with the Widoczni agency is a comprehensive approach to building sales and acquiring customers for a website.

What actions will our experts carry out for you regarding website SEO? Check out how our SEO process looks and learn what it involves.


1. Site analysis and web positioning strategy

2. SEO audit and technical optimization of the site

3. Selection of keywords and creation of effective content

4. Building a link profile and off-site SEO of the site

5. Optimization of the conversion rate and increasing sales from web SEO

6. Measuring the effects of website SEO and further optimization of the site



We Include Conversion Rate Optimization in the Price of  Website SEO

When working on your site's SEO campaign, we also include conversion optimization and the successive Return on Investment (ROI) increase in our SEO offer. All for one purpose — to increase profit for your company. This is the secret to the profitability of our actions.

Website optimization is an essential element of SEO on the internet. It allows you to improve the site both with Google bots in mind and with the user in mind.

Thanks to a well-optimized site, you have a better chance of displaying on the first page of Google. And thanks to additional conversion optimization, you increase your chances of acquiring sales.

Maximize the efficiency of your website with our experience and knowledge in optimizing for web and performance.

Our goal is to generate the highest possible sales from SEO campaigns for companies

Our SEO campaigns are not created by following a single template. Everything we do is tailored to the needs of your business and your customers. We work differently with local businesses, corporations, and websites from various industries. However, our goal is always the same — to ensure that website SEO builds sales for your business.

Our campaigns are self-financing, thanks to conversion optimization

We carry out comprehensive website SEO, which includes conversion rate optimization. We focus not only on attracting traffic to the site but also on using it to build sales. We make sure your potential customer can easily find your offer and contact details or fill out a form smoothly. We keep users on the site and shorten their path to you.

The Effects of Website Positioning That Will Convince You

Familiarize yourself with the stories of our clients

There is no better confirmation of an SEO agency's effectiveness than the results it has achieved for its clients. We're proud to say there are numerous examples of companies that have grown, built sales and gained new customers thanks to our positioning. Discover stories of cooperation with companies from various industries and see how we can support your business online.

Optimization of a certified employment agency

Companies that have used our SEO service observe a regular and gradual increase in the number of visits and sales from SEO campaigns. Here is an example of our client — — a senior care agency where we recorded over a 6.5-fold increase in unique users visiting the site.

Optimization of an automotive parts distributor

Revenue growth in the online store for automotive parts, Ivemax, increased 18-fold thanks to our SEO!

Optimization of an orthopedic products distributor

A 9.5-fold increase in the number of users at our client — an online store for orthoses. Traffic comes from free Google search results.

Positioning of a rehabilitation equipment distributor

A 4.5-fold increase in TOP3 Google phrases for our client — Termedis — an online store with rehabilitation equipment.

Why Widoczni?

With Us, You Get More Bang for Your Buck

We give you not only measurable SEO results but also a number of additional benefits. As part of positioning, we will also create high-quality content for the site, as well as perform conversion rate optimization. In addition, we give all clients the opportunity to gain basic knowledge of online marketing thanks to our training courses. Check out below why our SEO offering gives you more than you expect.

See what we add to our SEO services package
Content marketing

We create and publish valuable content on your website that is optimized for SEO and tailored to your audience.

Conversion optimization

We remove all obstacles on your customer's path to purchase or establish a relationship.

Free training

We share our knowledge and invite our clients to free online marketing training.


What Actions Does Website Positioning Include?

Website positioning includes a range of different actions, which can be grouped into on-site positioning, off-site positioning, and technical SEO. What do these pillars of website positioning and optimization involve?

What is on-site website positioning?
Down arrow

On-site website positioning focuses on optimization within the website. Alongside off-site positioning and technical optimization, it is a critical component of the SEO strategy. On-site actions concern both content visible to users and site code optimization. These include the following:

  • Expanding site content
  • Enriching content with keywords and phrases
  • Optimizing meta titles
  • Internal linking (between subpages)
  • Optimizing H1, H2, H3 headers, etc
  • Optimizing the site structure and many others.

The goal of on-site optimization is to improve the site's quality for users and help Google bots understand the site's intentions, topics, and value.

By performing on-page SEO, we want to ensure that Google understands the connection between the user's search query and your site's content. As a result, your site will appear in the search results.

However, on-site optimization is not focused solely on Google bots. On the contrary, it uses the traffic obtained from Google to convince users they have found the right site and will achieve their goal on it.

A significant area of on-site SEO is content marketing, which provides users with high-quality, unique, and helpful content, e.g., product descriptions, service descriptions, guides, blog articles, reviews, and comparisons. These contents should be enriched with keywords and presented clearly and transparently.

What is off-site website positioning?
Down arrow

Off-site positioning (also known as off-page SEO) refers to optimization for website positioning carried out outside your website.

Although it is primarily associated with link building, it is a much broader concept, and its goals extend beyond acquiring links to the site.

Off-site SEO aims to improve the quality of the site in Google's evaluation, particularly in areas called EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness).

Efforts in off-site positioning aim to improve the site's perception by users and to convince Google bots the site's content is trustworthy, reliable, and professional. This can be achieved by mentions of the site on reputable portals, guest articles, and even, according to some, mentions of the company or shares in social media.

Still, off-site positioning is related to links. It's worth focusing on diversifying the profile of incoming links and investing not only in link building but also in influencer marketing, content marketing, and creative link acquisition strategies.

We can distinguish several types of links:

  • Naturally acquired links — this type of link is obtained thanks to user activity, who share the link to the site on forums, in comments, or on their websites.
  • Manual link acquisition — these links are acquired through collaborations, article exchanges, or sending requests to add links to sites where there is already an unclickable mention of the company.
  • Manually added links — these links are frequently present in business directories, company lists, classified ad portals, and other similar places.

Off-page optimization is one of the pillars of website positioning and should be part of the SEO strategy. A link profile that includes valuable links, growing steadily but regularly, has a significant impact on website positioning in Google.

What is technical optimization in website positioning?
Down arrow

Technical optimization can be considered a part of on-site SEO, as actions are carried out within the site. Nevertheless, it is a specific action aimed at optimizing the site structure, facilitating robot visits to individual subpages, and speeding up indexing.

Technical optimization also deals with aspects such as speeding up the site's loading time, reducing technical duplication, and fixing errors that prevent correct indexing of the site.

Technical optimization actions include:

  • Optimizing the site's loading speed
  • Optimizing and ensuring the correctness of the Robots.txt file
  • Optimizing meta robots tags
  • Eliminating links leading to 404 error pages
  • Eliminating technical duplication
  • Implementing HTTPS
  • Implementing structured data (
  • Implementing a sitemap and adding it to the Google Search Console
  • Adapting the site to mobile devices

What Influences Website Positioning? Ranking Factors.

The position of a site in search results is influenced by ranking factors, i.e., factors that Google considers when evaluating a website. These are not guidelines explicitly defined by Google but actions derived from the experiences of SEO specialists.

Over time, as Google's algorithm changes, the ranking factors also change. That's why it's vital to conduct website positioning and optimization regularly.

Some actions may become ineffective or even lead to Google imposing a penalty on the site. None of these actions are a guaranteed recipe for success and should be treated as a guideline, not a rule.

We can divide ranking factors into:

  • On-page — actions within the website
  • Off-page — actions outside the site, including link building
  • Usability/functionality — actions aimed at improving user comfort on the site

Off-page factors:

  • Number of domains from which the links originate
  • Number of pages from which the links originate
  • Linked text (anchor)
  • Alt tag in images with incoming links
  • Links from .gov and .edu domains
  • Authority of the linking page
  • Authority of the linking domain
  • Links from competitor sites
  • Links from sites of dubious value, from the so-called "bad neighborhood"
  • Authority of the main page in the linking site
  • Nofollow links
  • Age of the domain from which the links originate
  • Domain age
  • Keyword in the domain name, preferably as the first word in the domain name
  • Domain history
  • Exact match domain (domain name = keyword)
  • Domain Authority
  • URL length
  • Domain Trust/Trust Rank
  • Server location
  • SSL certificate
  • Diverse types of links
  • Links from 301 redirect pages
  • Keywords interlinked internally between subpages
  • Title of the link
  • Placement of the link in the text
  • Placement of the link on the page
  • Thematic relevance to the content available on the linking domain
  • Thematic relevance to the content of the site from which the link originates
  • Keyword in the form of your brand/site name in the title of the linking page
  • Regular increase in links to the site
  • Links from high-authority sites
  • Links from the sources section on Wikipedia
  • Age of the links
  • Natural link profile
  • Mutual linking with other sites
  • Links from User Generated Content
  • Links from 301 redirects
  • TrustRank of linking sites
  • Number of outgoing links from the page
  • Links from forums
  • Volume of content from which the link originates
  • Quality of content from which the link originates
  • Site-wide links, available from every subpage
  • Public domain information in the WhoIs system
  • Penalty imposed on the domain owner in WhoIs

On-page factors:

  • Keyword in the title
  • Keyword as the first word in the title
  • Keyword in the description
  • Keyword in the H1 header
  • Volume of content on the page
  • Active table of contents on the page
  • Keyword saturation in content
  • Additional words in content supporting its theme
  • Words supporting the content theme in the title and description
  • Content relevance
  • Page loading speed based on HTML
  • Page loading speed based on Chrome data
  • Content duplication
  • Canonical links
  • Image and graphics optimization on the page
  • Extent of content updates on the page (major vs. minor changes)
  • History of changes on the page
  • Keyword presence in the first 150 characters of text
  • Phrases in H2, H3, H4 headers
  • Quality of outgoing links
  • Thematic consistency with the pages you link to
  • Correctness of texts — grammar, spelling, typos
  • Copying content from other pages (e.g., manufacturer's pages)
  • Mobile device adaptation
  • Page functionality on mobile devices
  • Lack of access to important content on mobile devices
  • Additional, useful content supplementing the text on the page
  • Content in expandable text fields
  • Number of outgoing links
  • Graphic, video, and other multimedia content
  • Number of internal links directing to the subpage
  • Quality of internal links directing to the subpage
  • Broken links
  • Errors in HTML code, lack of W3C validation
  • Numbered lists, bullet points in content
  • Page age
  • User-friendly page design
  • Valuable content that benefits users
  • Contact page
  • Site architecture
  • Frequency of adding new content to the site
  • Adding a site map
  • Publication of privacy policy and service regulations
  • Duplicate metadata
  • Breadcrumb menu
  • Embedded materials from YouTube

User Interaction factors — enhancing user comfort on the site:

  • RankBrain
  • CTR in Google for the most strategically important keywords
  • CTR in Google for all keywords
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic from the direct channel
  • Returning users
  • Pogosticking, i.e., leaving the site and choosing another in the search results
  • Blocked pages
    Adding the site to bookmarks in Chrome
  • Number of comments
  • Time spent on the site



No Long-Term Contracts

We are confident in the effectiveness of our service. That's why our website optimization offer does not require a long-term contract.

Our Clients are with us because they want to, not because they have to.

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How Long Does Website Positioning Take?

We analyzed several dozen websites we positioned to check:

  • how long it takes to position online stores
  • how long it takes to position websites in Google

The question of how long one has to wait for the first results of website positioning in search engines is one of the most common questions from clients.

There is no single answer to how long website positioning takes. It is influenced by many factors — not only the knowledge and work of the SEO specialist but also competition and changes in the Google algorithm, as well as the condition and quality of your site.


How Much Does Website Positioning Cost?

Positioning — price offers from experts

The campaigns we run for effective website positioning are neither expensive nor cheap. Primarily, they are effective.

Establishing one price for website positioning is impossible, as it depends on many factors and must be determined individually after analyzing the site and your company's needs. Therefore, the cost of positioning will vary but will always be tailored to your capabilities.

Tired of problems with positioning and SEO agencies?

After negative experiences with other agencies, many people lose faith in positioning their sites. If you're a part of that group, we have a solution.

Thanks to their versatility, our experienced team will show you what effective website positioning means. Take a look at what problems of clients we solve most often. Do you recognize these situations in your case?

See how the positioning of an online store proceeds according to our methods.

  1. The competition has better positions in Google
  2. You lack specialists in your team who can perform internet marketing
  3. Other agencies have let you down and not delivered results
  4. Traffic on your site has stalled or started to decline
  5. There are no sales in your business, and you lack customers
  6. You lack understandable and empathetic communication from specialists and agencies



Frequently Asked Questions — Website Positioning FAQ

If you're wondering what website positioning is, how it works, and what results it brings, we're rushing with the answer! Check out the most frequently asked questions below — Website Positioning FAQ

What is SEO?
Down arrow

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and means optimizing a website for search engines. This process involves technical actions, as well as actions within and outside the site. The primary goal is to increase the site's value in the search engine algorithm's eyes.

SEO can be performed for different search engines, but in most cases, website positioning activities mainly focus on the requirements and standards of the Google search engine.

What are the most common mistakes in SEO/website positioning?
Down arrow

Website positioning is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Yet, to achieve satisfying results, it's important to avoid positioning mistakes. What should you remember when deciding to engage in it?

Do not make the mistake of discontinuing actions after 2-3 months. Success in website positioning takes time, but the results are long-lasting and effective.

The first noticeable effects are increased visibility and traffic on the site. You can expect them after a few months of cooperation with an SEO specialist. An increase in revenue usually occurs after about 1.5 years.

Don't want to waste money? Opt for a long-term strategy and systematic optimization of the site.

So, you've started positioning your brand's website. What next?

Don't forget about regular analysis of the results. This is a fairly common mistake, but it's still dangerous.

This stage will allow you to determine whether SEO actions are effective, identify errors, and plan changes. SEO specialists use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

If you have decided to cooperate and need more knowledge in this area, do not worry. SEO specialists will prepare a report with the most critical information and discuss it with you.

These are just basic mistakes in website positioning; you may also encounter errors in the technical positioning stage or in building a link profile.

Which is better, SEO or PPC?
Down arrow

Both activities aim to promote the company in Google.

As a result of SEO, the site appears in free search results — usually in the form of a classic text result, but also in video and graphic form, and on the so-called position zero, in featured snippets.

As a result of PPC, the company's advertisement will appear at the top of Google search results. Nonetheless, depending on the type of campaign, it may also be visible as an advertisement on popular portals, in applications, and on YouTube in text or graphic form.

Both activities allow for effective customer acquisition. Positioning requires long-term cooperation, and it takes several to several months to see the effects. The advantage of this collaboration is the possibility of increasing sales while maintaining a constant budget.

In PPC, the company will appear in Google even on the same day the Google Ads account is funded and the campaign appropriately configured. However, growing the campaign's effectiveness usually also requires increasing the budget.

Initially, it's good to combine both activities. Google Ads will allow you to immediately reach potential customers and fill the gap, which is a natural effect of waiting for the results of positioning. Running both PPC and SEO campaigns at the same time also increases the chances of acquiring sales.

Can you do website positioning yourself?
Down arrow

Are you wondering how to do website positioning without the help of experts? It is certainly more time-consuming and a more significant challenge than, for example, managing a Facebook profile on your own.

If you lack experience in this area and don't know how to position a site based on current Google algorithms, it's worth paying for web positioning. Entrusting your campaign to specialists with the knowledge and skills to implement the technical aspects of positioning and optimizing the site on Google is a wise decision.

How to position a website?

Are you active online and want to try your hand at positioning websites? It is a complex process consisting of several separate stages.

You can decide to carry out SEO activities yourself, but specialized knowledge and supporting tools, often paid, are necessary. Therefore, it's worth collaborating with a marketing agency if you're interested in learning how to position a site well.

Specialists in website positioning divide the activities into:

  • Preliminary activities — conducting an SEO audit, competition analysis, and creating an SEO strategy
  • Technical optimization — optimization of elements such as robots.txt file, SSL certificate, website speed, mobile responsiveness, content duplication, broken or damaged links
  • On-site optimization — activities on the site, mainly content-related
  • Off-site optimization — building a link profile
  • Analytics — analysis of activities and results

Depending on the type of website positioning on the internet, the process may include additional activities or stages.

What is website positioning? Self-conducted on-site optimization

How do you position a website? Can you do it yourself?

Some activities can be done on your own, but others require knowledge, experience, and access to SEO tools. Additionally, this process calls for a lot of time and attention.

Optimization and positioning consist of several stages, one of which is on-site activities, i.e., all changes made within the site. What stages does on-site optimization include?

  • Content optimization
  • Optimization of outgoing and internal links
  • Technical optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Metadata optimization
  • Schema code optimization
  • User Experience optimization

On-site optimization and positioning of websites is a complex process that can be divided into one-time and cyclical activities.

What does website positioning involve? It includes systematic updating of knowledge about trends and the latest Google solutions.

Consider whether saving some money by not working with an agency and spending a lot of your own time to do it is worth it.


Our Campaigns Finance Themselves



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